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  1. Emma, the whore of Babylon and one of Christian prince(ss)’ minions, gets “pleasure” from this verse!

  2. When a priest reads this passage in church he literally defies every grammatical and metaphysical law to bend the mind of his congregation. I respect the people that opt out to watch sunday football; they learn sophisticated play formations and reasoning skills 👍

    • What do the priests do?

      • @ QB

        Different “Schools of thought”

        1. It was writing “exaggeration”
        2. That’s just how it was back then
        3. God didn’t know how to forgive us yet (yes I have actually head that in person)
        4. God’s judgment upon the wicked
        5. Just don’t plain read it as none of these people ever will. Read more letter’s from Paul where the basic Christian gets so confused he doesn’t even know when he’s quoting Jesus(as) and when he’s quoting Paul.

        Sabit what you got?

      • Lol, number 3 has actually been used as an excuse?

      • You don’t want to enable a person like me to make jokes. I constantly struggle to not go over board…People might like some of my twisted humor…ok ill bite and make a small list catered only to those dedicated to abusing trolls on this blog.

        What priests do:
        I really dont want to do this lol😅

      • Oh come on, now you got me intrigued…

  3. @ QB

    Yep, I was about 14 or 15 when I heard it. Of course, they then tried to pitch how Jesus(as) was sent as an act of love but still, you generally don’t forget that.

  4. @ QB

    I wasn’t joking. Go back and read, Paulus lost all the base from his voice from 2 points:

    1. The Babies
    2. When we answered how God is able to balance justice and mercy without idols.

    I think Paulus might have at least thought about Islam. And Allah hu alim.

    • This is another topic that we need to beat the Christians over the head with, just like with the question about previous nations who never heard about the Christian mangod.

      I totally forgot about Robbie’s answer. These morons actually believe what they say! He actually said that heaven is not guaranteed for all babies! What a sick religion!

  5. @ Sabit

    I assure you that everybody here has a dark sense of humor I just hold back for dawah purposes.

    • @ stew
      Im sure you and a couple other brothers on this forum made a priest or 2 kick a pigeon on the way to church after refuting there core beliefs🤕

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