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  1. Br Paul I’d like to make a request. Can you give me, QB, stew, Abdullah, etc the authority to ban people like this dog who keeps changing his/her account name who comes here to throw out the filth that his religion teaches him and can’t seem to ever defend it and make a dent in ours?

      • Ok.

      • Paul Williams, I advise you to take lessons about Al-Walla’ and Al-Baraa’. Letting those nasty christians to insult our beloved prophet ﷺ everywhere in the blog is not good rather it’s offensive. You have not deleted any of those comments unfortunately, so I offered my service because I thought it’s so har to manage this blog in this matter in particular. You really don’t have to cacpet that, but you have to delete these nasty comments. why would you keep them still? Those people are not interested in the truth, and you know it! In the past couple od days, the atmosphere in the blog has been severely contaminated. I think you have to put something in action.

    • Paul’s response was hilarious! 🤣

  2. Amazing awesome miracle sign from God

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