Western free-mixing has had disastrous results: BBC News – How can sexual assaults at festivals be stopped?

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Gender mixing (ikhtilat) leads to flirting. Flirting leads to touching. Touching leads to zina. Zina leads to the destruction of marriage. The destruction of marriage leads to the downfall of family. The downfall of family leads to the end of humanity. Keep the partitions up!

~ Daniel Haqiqatjou

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  1. No need for this extreme.

      • Do you have a compelling argument for why the sexes should be segregated? Consider the logistics. How would you manage to keep men and women separated, and how would you propose people meet each other to form relationships and have families if the sexes are partitioned?

      • Islamic civilization has managed to do this quite well for the past 1,400 years.

      • Islamic civilization has not come up with any concept for pop music festivals for the past 1400 years, And quite frankly I think your understanding of Islam lacks relevance for the issues of complex postmodern societies of the 21 century.

  2. Has it? It does not seem to me that sexual assault does not take place in Islamic societies – separation has not accomplished this, whereas that seems to be the main thrust of your opening post. Women are still assaulted in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, and have been historically victims of sexual crimes all over the world, irrespective of religion and location.

  3. So what is it Islam has to offer young music festival goers? What’s a fruitful contribution in this case from a divine order that has answers for all aspects of human societies?


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