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  1. It does not help QB / Faiz’s wicked heart or Atlas or mr. heathcliff

      • 😂🤣😂 According to the pagan’s mangod, the cure for epilepsy is… exorcism. Rabbits chew the cud (they don’t). All animals were originally vegetarians (they weren’t). The Earth is 6000 years old. Need I go on?

      • Read the whole passage. Matthew 7:1-6

        John 7:24
        “judge with righteous judgement”

        Matthew 7:15-20

        “you will know them by their fruits”

        We can judge someone’s actions and attitudes as revealing their hearts.

        The Qur’an does not seem to cure the anger, and hatred and ad homimen in Faiz’ / QB and Atlas and mr. heathcliff’s hearts.

      • Aww, Kenny’s feelings are still hurt. Let me play the world’s smallest violin for the hypocrite.

      • Doesn’t bother me one bit. Your behavior exposes the fact that reading the Qur’an cannot cure the sinful diseases in the heart.

        Apologetics and bare facts in Christianity, just reading the Bible to win an argument, does not cure the heart either.

        The Holy Spirit has to apply the word to the heart to give the power over sin. And one must also have humility and a surrendered heart.

        If the bad comments recently are from Shamoun, then that is wrong also. He has not surrendered to the Lord and the Holy Spirit is not helping him overcome his anger and bad behavior – if it is him.

    • Why are complaining while in the same you’re praising someone like David Wood and his stupid mockery against Islam? You deserve what you get because you’re not interested in the truth. You don’t respect our minds at all.

    • Aww, poor Kenny had his feelings hurt…😭

    • Abdullah, you’re absolutely right. Kenny is nothing but a whiny hypocrite who complains when he gets put in his place.

    • A crosstian loser being the loser that he is comes here and throws out some statements JUST so it can have the joy of being a filthy c*nt.

      “Maybe your upset because satan is in your nose.”
      Not at all. Satan is the worst of creation so him being in unclean places something to be expected.
      Just like your porngod that was is a vagina. A people who believe their god was in a vagina trying to mock Muslims for believing Satan is in the nose. You couldn’t make this **** up if you tries.

  2. Qur’an speaks to your soul. Qur’an is the mirror of the universe,history, and the existence. Each one can find his example in the Qur’an.

    • that is the miracle of the Quran. I have studied the Jewish Bible, the New Testament, and the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an amazes me and moves me in a way no other book has done.

      • @ Paul
        Agreed besides being more a more logical and inclusive then the first two books mentioned the fact it is a Scripture that is recited melodisly is another amazing thing. This guy talking about the first time he heard the Quran was similar to my reaction lol:


        I mean it really is a no contest to what the true religion is.

      • So what. You claim you “studied the Bible” at University. What courses, which uni, what degree? If any, what are your actual academic qualifications?

      • Paul, if you’re so busy, I offer my service to delete the inappropriate comments made by filthy christians.

    • No! Your race to the sins destroys only you.
      “Those who insult God and His Messenger, God has cursed them in this life and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them a demeaning punishment.” QT
      I like the fact that christians have given up! It seems that they think the holy spirit has no power over muslims! I like the fact that christians show their frustration when they preach their nonsensical religion to muslims as you do. Otherwise, why do you think David, Sam ,and other stupid christians have gone crazy!?
      Yes, get your facts right! The Falsehood of your religion gets destroyed easily under our feet. Muslims are the ones whom you speak with.
      Finally, I’m just curious, when do you start this “love” for your enemy with the jews? Would David Wood dare? After all, Jesus was insulting jews by calling them (snakes and the sons of Satan)

  3. Dirty Pagan. If I want to read your articles I would go to your blog. I come here for other articles. I know you want visitors to your blog. You’re desperate lol. Did you finally get enough money to pay a web designe?Last time I saw your blog you could not afford a hosting and domain name. Lol You won’t earn much by defending a cult.

  4. You never refuted anything.

    Hindu Avatars are not historical and repeat themselves many times over and over.

    The Hindu Avatars are legends, myths, and cartoons.

    There is no comparison to the theology of the incarnation in Christianity, nor the deep historical nature of the Christian God and truth.


    • Are you still stuck on that you idiot? Who cares if they are not historical? Besides, Mahavira was a historical person and he is worshiped by Jains. So is Sai Baba. So your argument is idiotic and does not refute anything.

      You people are pagans, pure and simple. It’s no wonder your foul-mouth friend has been trying to help you by spamming the blog with his rants. 🤣

      By the way, I see you staying very quiet while your fellow crosstian pagan, who apparently has nothing better to do with his pathetic life then spam a blog with his highly imaginative rants (I wonder if he is sexually frustrated), exposes the true nature and fruits of Christianity. 🤔

  5. @ Ken
    I’m usually respectful to you but dude shut up. You literally are saying that as Shamoun is spamming the comments to try and distract from the weakness of your argument. The self-righteousness and the hypocrisy you guys display is simply nauseating like the whole:

    “I’m so concerned about the direction the blog is taking blah,blah,blah”

    Or Shamoun’s:
    “Why are you deleting my comments like the world revolves around me. Or while I’m sitting here spamming and would get banned anywhere else”

    Or your:
    “I ALWAYS correct Sam when he is insulting”

    Seriously, stfu.

    • It’s the fruits of Christianity. These people are pathetic. They know they can’t win in a rational discussion. Kenny’s sexually-frustrated brother makes me laugh my head off, but how the Christians who complain about the “direction” of the blog and then stay quiet or disappear when nutjobs like the spammer appear make me laugh even more. They are doing a fantastic job of exposing the hypocrisy of their religion and why it is false.

      • @ QB

        Exactly. Remember we were the ones calling crocodile tears and everybody just acted like we were crazy. Even throwing the discussion to the side (which btw when a side acts like this, its clear who the winner is) do they think God is pleased with their actions and condones it? Do they think that the angels are in there company and not the Devil? They want to talk about “Fruit” but they don’t even understand the meaning.

        3:69. Some of the People of the Scripture long to lead you astray, but they only lead themselves astray, but they don’t realize it.

      • I find it hilarious stew! As far as I am concerned, we should let them expose their hypocrisy and vile nature. That’s half the work of refuting Christianity!

      • The guy you shared the video. Can you please get in contact with him. We can arrange a debate with CP. Surely he is not a coward like Faiz and Paul. Maybe we have a muslims with courage. But I guess you are all cowards. I can’t blame you that the normal position to take if tou want to defend islam.

      • 🤣😂🤣 We all know Christian princess will not agree to a face to face debate. He only likes to get people to come to his channel, so he can mute them whenever he wants and then pretend like he won.

        Hey Jabba, my offer to tutor you for free still stands. I want you to get your GED. 😀

      • Hahaha, except that the real Jesus wasn’t a racist, unlike your fake crucified mangod. You’re the Gentile dog according to god in a loincloth. 😂🤣

      • Lol, I don’t to around challenging people to debates. I’ve made my position clear. I prefer written correspondences. It gives each side a chance to clearly state their position. You don’t get that in a debate.

        But Christian princess challenges people to come on his channel so he can control everything. He will never agree to a moderated debate. He knows he will he exposed in that situation.

        Did you watch the videos Jabba? Your master cp has been caught lying and deceiving minions like you. That’s why he’s so afraid of being exposed in an actual debate where he is not in control. 🤣

      • The Bible is good enough to quote to expose the Bible as a book full of garbage and some truth. The true Jesus would not have been a racist, but your fake version was.

      • Can you at least try? Maybe he is not a coward like you. It’s amazing who Muslims knows other muslims will run away just like them. You don’t even ask. You already know he is a coward.

      • Yes you don’t go around asking for debates. You only run around avoid to get destroy. Why are you a muslims when you know none of you can defend that cult in a debate?

      • LOL, is your master so in need of attention that he sends his minions to beg for debates?

        Why doesn’t your master agree to other people’s challenges for debates? Why does he hide on his channel where he can control all information? Don’t you see you’re being deceived, you idiot? Why follow that deceiver to the gates of hell?

        Did you watch the videos? Can you defend your master? Why was he lying? And not only just once but several times? What kind of a demonic liar is he?

      • Jabba, why is your master trying to report MAH for exposing him?


        If he’s so interested in a debate, why he is whining when he gets exposed?

      • If you want to get spank by CP. Give him a call. If your a coward. Tell your master Hunter to give him a call. Maybe you can hold his hand during the debate. I think you wish you were CP. People are scared to debate him. Whereas you a joke. Everyone want to destroy you in a debate. Stop being jealous of CP. But it’s your fault you can’t debate. No one can defend Islam. Don’t blame CP because you follow a fake religion.

      • Bwhahahaha, the princess’ minion is trying so hard to defend his master’s honor! Again, why does your master hide behind his channel? Why does he never accept other people’s challenges? Why does he mute anyone who exposes him? Why did he report MAH for showing that he is an ignorant coward?

      • Deflecting again? Why is your master such a deceptive creep?

        Come on Jabba. Try to defend your boss. Why did he lie, as the MAH videos, have shown?

        Hey guys, Atlas, Stew, Paul, I think we have had a breakthrough with Jabba the Hutt! This guy talks big, but when you corner him, he becomes a squeaky little mouse. You see how he is running away from answering my questions?

      • Lol, oh Emma little piggie, always trying to get your master some much needed attention! Your master the princess likes to mute people who expose him. That’s why he won’t come out of hiding behind his channel. He knows his minions will worship him as long as he remains safe. 🤣😂

    • I did not look much at the blog last night or today until after church. I just posted a few answers and got out without reading a whole lot of other comments .

      Now I see a bunch of really bad comments that are filled with obvious anger and name-calling and whatever else you wanna call it .

      If that is Sam Shamoun, he is not doing proper methods of evangelism or apologetics .
      At first I could not tell because I only read a few and they seem to be just filled with anger and dirty stuff but now after reading more of them I think you guys are right that is Sam.
      Sam, your bad methods are sinful, & you make it very difficult to witness or have a proper discussion with Muslims in comboxes, even though Faiz / QB always, and atlas sometimes and Mr. Heath Cliff also do the same thing.

      It is a Bad witness, Sam.
      Repent of the bad behavior because you are giving them ammunition in order to attack the principal “you will know them by their fruits .”
      If you say you were giving Faiz A taste of his own medicine that is true that you are fighting him back with the same kind of insults and Ad hominem style like he does. But he is an unbeliever, he does not know the true God we cannot expect him to act properly .

      however, we expect unbelievers like him to act that way, because they have no power over their sinful nature or their anger or hatred or jealousy and arrogance and malice .
      The title of this post was the cure for all diseases , and the claim is that the Quran can cure your disease of sin and anger and hatred in your heart but Faiz always and Atlas sometimes & Mr. HeathCliff show that reading the Qur’an does not heal their sinfulness.
      If you claim to be a Christian and that you are born again you should have the fruits of the Spirit , you should realize that this behavior does not glorify God and is not the right method and you don’t really have a good witness when you act this way.

      • It’s not Sam you filthy Dog. What do you know about God? Read your bible, answer a fool by his folly. Jesus chase the dogs out of the temple. He called people hypocrites, satan. You don’t even know Christianity. You go repentnfor your false accusations on Sam dirty dog.

      • Ok, really?
        But your response sounds like him. I wrote, “If it is Sam . . . ” Ok, I don’t know for sure; but even your response to me is similar to the way he takes constructive criticism. You are not Jesus; you don’t know what evangelism is or proper methods and you don’t understand proper apologetic methods (speak the truth in love; apologetics with gentleness and respect, etc. )
        why don’t you use a normal name / or nomenclature instead of changing your name every post?

      • And I’m not evangelism to the pigs and dogs. Don’t you know your not met to share what is holy to people who won’t appreciate it? Did I ever explain anything to Atlas or Faiz. I don’t throw Pearl to the dogs and pigs. Pick up your bible idiot before you speak.

      • But your sinful anger and ad hominem tactics are there for all other Muslims to see and read and be turned off by. If you are a Christian, then you are bringing Christ’s name into the mud.

        I know there are lots of others who are just reading and watching and not making comments.

        You give a very bad witness; even worse now that you turned on me and it is actually you who act like the wild dog in the street and the wild boar / swine – “lest they turn on you and trample you to pieces”

        If you are not Sam, ok. whoever you are, you a bad witness.

        if you are Sam Shamoun, then you lied and that is wrong also. That is like Taqiyye in Islam.

        Instead, you should receive my exhortation and admonition as right, and take it to heart, and repent.

      • Still barking dirty dog? You’re a bible illiterate. Don’t you know we are met to imitate Christ. Do I have to show you the verse and educate you? Again I’m not preaching to those pigs and dogs. They don’t deserve it. Scriptures instruct you don’t throw pearls in front of the pigs. Your nice way of preaching does not work on all muslims. Some even think Christians are nice because Allah curse the Christians. Some Muslims only understand a good spanking. Come to CP channel, and see how he spank the muslims. Amd how many leave Islam. And many of them join Christianity. So stay quiet. Don’t you know true prophet mock the false prophet? That why you see David Wood mocks those idiots. It’s biblical to mock false prophets.

      • You don’t imitate Christ at all.

        On the internet, you throw mud and excrement at unbelievers and you think you are cool and some sort of prophet; yet the Muslims see the nasty sinfulness of name calling and sinful anger.

        You are not Jesus, and you are not a prophet and you are not an apostle, so quit using historical narrative passages as if you have the right to do like a prophet does or an apostle – but they never did the dirty name calling and ad hominem that you do.

      • For the love of Christ I will stop spanking you. Next time don’t mess with me. Let me destroy the muslims instead.

      • But your methods are not right and will not win anyone. They are blaspheming the Lord because of your bad behavior.
        You didn’t spank them at all. All you did was give them ammunition to mock the principle of “you will know them by their fruits” and our Bible’s statements about “speaking the truth in love” and “giving an account with gentleness and respect”

        what is “CP” channel?

        Faiz’s character is wicked, so let it look bad and let it be exposed for all to see his evil heart.

      • // Let me destroy the muslims instead.//
        How exactly, mr “we love our enemies”?
        The crusaders couldn’t do it, so do you really think these worthless comments would destroy muslims? Apparently you think Jesus was just a loser for teachings like love your enemy and turn the other cheek. I don’t blame you, and that’s why you’re hypocrites. You go crazy because you see muslims destroy the argument of your religion as whole. Get back to your pigsty.

        //That is like Taqiyye in Islam.//
        You don’t understand this concept, so you have to lie about it, Ken.

      • LOL, you see guys? This is why I said that we should let these hypocrites make comments and expose themselves and the fruits of their religion.

        Kenny, first of all, the nutjob Jabba the Hutt is clearly not Shamoun. I know Shamoun’s writing style.

        Second, you have proven once again that you are a hypocrite. Isn’t it a rather big coincidence that whenever your nutjob brethren make comments against Muslims, you always seem to be oblivious and in a different universe? Why not just be honest? You know that you don’t like to intervene when your brethren, such as this animal Jabba the Hutt (who clearly has no life), make such comments, while simultaneously preaching against Muslims such as myself or Atlas. You ONLY speak up when you are called out for your hypocrisy. Time and time again, you have shown your true colors. So the treatment that you get from me is only something you deserve. There are other people on this blog who know how to be courteous, and they get courtesy in return. Unfortunately, these people are not on the blog too much. It’s the loudmouths, such as your fellow pagan Jabba, and the hypocrites, such as yourself, who are most active. Thus, you need to be exposed and put in your place.

        You will notice that Jabba the Hutt has failed to respond to any points I or any one else has made. That is because he is a troll, and a particularly idiotic one. He is not an intellectual, but just a primitive simian with too much on his hands.

      • No; I did not read much of them until today, after church, then I wrote my rebukes. And I stand by them; so you are the hypocrite and you give good evidence that Islam and the Qur’an have no power over sin.

        The Qur’an cannot cure the disease of your heart of hatred, anger, pride, and methods of calling names, etc.

        it is an empty book, a mere human book. No inspiration from the true God.
        You have no Holy Spirit to apply the words to your heart.
        There is not much there about internal sins anyway. A little, but not much.

      • Ok, so this guy, whoever he is, is not Sam Shamoun.
        So sorry for accusing you; if not you.

        I guess he is the “CP” Channel. (??)

      • Poor Kenny lost his nerve against the whore of Babylon! He’s run off! 🤣😂

      • nope; he does not scare me one bit, whoever he or she is.

        I just don’t have time for silliness and all the dirty crap and for your silliness and lying either.

        Stewjo004 is halfway decent in his methods of discussion, but you are a wicked hateful person who just acts like the wild dogs and wild boars of Matthew 7:6. It is you who fulfill that -so in a way, that guy/gal whoever they are (because they don’t put a consistent name up).

        Having an opinion about Islam, in the light of the truth of Christianity, is not lying.

        I don’t always agree with David Wood’s emphasis, but he and the CP brought up a lot of excellent points in the video I put up.

        You just don’t like them because they have the guts to tell it like it is on what Islam really is.

        The doctrines the attack Christianity, and the aggressive warfare, etc. the disgusting details of dirty things in some of the Hadith; etc. ; the desire to conquer the world (Dar Al Islam vs. Dar Al Harb, etc.), desire for world domination of a Khalifate – these are evil things.

        smoke it in your Qaliyoon pipe.

      • Face it Pennywise, you lost your nerve in the face of your vile fellow pagan. You talk big about being “decent” but you are nothing but a pathetic hypocrite. Even now, you show your hypocrisy by praising trash like Wood and Christian princess. You just can’t help yourself, can you pathetic loser?

        I love exposing the flaws in your religion as well as exposing the dishonesty and deceit you people engage in while hypocritically preaching to others. Become a decent t person first yourself and then lecture others. Until then, be ready for more mockery because that’s all you deserve. In a way, you are worse than your fellow pagan the whore of Babylon. She’s clearly a nutjob in need of psychiatric help. What’s your excuse? 😂

      • Surah 16:125. Call to your Lord’s path with wisdom and heart penetrating advice. Debate them with arguments that are in and of themselves better,

        But you guys don’t do that, QB/ Faiz, sometimes Altas, and “mr.heathcliff” almost never obey the Qur’an.

      • Leave the Quran to us, pagan. You don’t get to lecture us on what it says.

      • Then you cannot ever comment on the Bible either.

        No! I can comment on the Qur’an all I want – I can study and think.

      • 🤣 “Study and think”…you do neither. You copy and paste the same tired old polemics. Your research skills are like those of a high schooler.

        I’m working on a response to one of your “articles” which will showcase how pathetic your “Study and think” skills are. Stay tuned.

      • Yes I can. I can lecture you on it.

      • And then we’ll embarrass you.

      • Never. You have yet to make any good point about the Bible or history or content.

        Stewjo004 is ok. but you are a jerk.

      • Aww, Whine all you want Kenny. No one cares about your opinions.

      • oops, did not finish . . .

        Stewjo004 is halfway decent in his methods of discussion, but you are a wicked hateful person who just acts like the wild dogs and wild boars of Matthew 7:6. It is you who fulfill that -so in a way, that guy/gal whoever they are (because they don’t put a consistent name up) – he is right, I am wasting my time with you, giving your holy things/pearls from Scripture, etc. – I have realized he / she is right about that in dealing with you.

        But I interact with good information and defense of the Christian faith for all the other reasonable Muslims who are willing to look at the evidence.

      • Brother Abdullah, Jabba the Hutt is just thumping his chest, trying to appear as if everyone is afraid of him. This is just the testosterone speaking. In real life, he is probably just a timid little coward who plays World of Warcraft all day long while trying to get his GED.

        By the way, did you notice how he referred to Matthew 7 and the “don’t throw pearls to pigs”? Here is the verse:

        “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

        The fat slob doesn’t realize that this verse is referring to pagan like him, who have corrupted the pure message of the blessed prophet Jesus (pbuh) with their repackaged paganism.

        Moreover, his own mangod referred to Gentiles as dogs. He’s a Gentile! It must suck to realize that your own god has no respect for you unless you were one of the “chosen” people.

      • Sure, sure Kenny. No one is buying your excuses. Keep lying and further exposing your demonic nature. You see, while most Christians are just trying to mind their own business and live their lives, people like you and your out of work friend Jabba, like to utter the “I am holier than thou” mantra, but you are shameless hypocrites at heart. So thank you for exposing your true nature, and the fruits of your fake piety. Fortunately, I think most Christians are not like you. They are good people, who don’t spread falsehoods about other religions or try to demonize their followers (even though they follow a false religion) and then whine when they get put in their place. As long as you continue to lie about Islam, you will remain a legitimate target for hard-hitting truth that will expose your religion. If you weren’t such a lying and biased scumbag, we could have gotten along. But alas, being a follower of David Wood and other trash, you are nothing but a brainwashed loser who can’t handle the truth.

      • Unbelievable. Ken if you ever become a muslim one day. Please let me know so that I take care of you. Since your a Christian I will restraint from spanking you as well. For the love I have for Jesus, I’ll leave you. But seriously, you need to learn when to let go. You need to put a limit. If they don’t listen “shake the dust off your feet” You don’t throw what is holy (scriptures) to the pigs and dogs. It’s actually a sin. Most muslims you can share the gospel. From what I’ve seen so far I will never teach anything to a pigs like Faiz or Atlas. Instead of destroying those idiots. Your distracting me.

      • Why do you think your words actually “spank”? You hurt any kind of good you could do to reasonable Muslim who may be looking and watching and thinking.

        You need to learn that you cannot always have the last word and always have that spirit of fighting back. The Scriptures says that elders/ pastors/ leaders/(applied to evangelists and apologists also) should not be pugnacious (always looking for a fight and prideful way of claiming victory and that they gave anyone a spanking)

        Don’t worry, the Lord Jesus is in control and holds me in His hands. Islam is a 600 year late man-made religion that has no attraction, because it is just harsh Sharia external law, dead rituals; no power over the sinful diseases in the heart; and creates violence and violent reactions and unjust wars for centuries. And oppressive to women, etc.

  6. The article that I linked to by Kenneth Samples completely destroys your argument so you don’t really have a good argument .

    Also that article by Jonathan McLatchie also proves that the Quran is not the word of God .

    • The article by the other incompetent Ken didn’t refute anything, as I already explained. I never said anything about the theology being the same, so your straw man is a pathetic distraction. I said that both Hindus and Christians worship human beings. It doesn’t matter what the theological excuses are. The simple fact is that Jesus was a man. So was Mahavira. So was Sai Baba. Yet all 3 men are worshiped by deluded pagans. Christian man-worship is no different than Hindu man-worship, in so far as both involve the worship of men. It does not matter if you believe that Jesus was both man and god. He was still a man, and you worship him. That is idolatry. That is paganism. You have utterly failed to refute this simple fact. All you have done is go off on tangents and resort to straw man arguments.

      And now, there are 3 of your stooges that have failed to disprove my assertion that Christian worship of Jesus is nothing but paganism. Ken, Iggy, and now the nutjob Jabba the Hut have all failed to save their religion from the accusation of paganism. This is not a coincidence. Facts are facts. Christianity is paganism in a different form.

      • Actually, it did completely refute you, Faiz / QB.

      • Actually, it didn’t Kenny/Pennywise. How did it refute me? Don’t you worship a man? Don’t Hindus also worship men? Don’t Jains also worship men? Let me make it simple for you:

        Jesus – Man, “God” to Christians

        Sai Baba – Man, “God” to Hindus

        Mahavira – Man, “God” to Jains

        Krishna – Man, “God” to Hindus

        You see the pattern?

  7. It refuted you completely. Your arguments are nuked and your expose your own bad character.

  8. In the combox at the article that refuted Faiz’s dumb argument:

    Kenneth (Samples) – the author, who is a good apologist.

    January 5, 2016 at 2:11 pm


    Thanks for your comments.

    Jesus Christ’s life, death, and miraculous resurrection are events rooted in history. Whereas the lives of the Hindu holy men are enveloped in mythology.

    As an Eastern mystical religion, Hinduism does not emphasize chronology. And modern-day Hindus show little interest in the “historical” Krishna the way contemporary Christians inquire about the historicity of Jesus.

    Scholar and Krishna devotee Mataji Devi Vanamali explains:

    “Hinduism is not a historical religion. If somebody were to prove conclusively that Krishna, Rama, and the various gods of the Hindu pantheon never existed, most Hindus would not mind in the least, and the religion would continue to flourish as it has done for so many centuries. However, to the devotees of Krishna, he is as real as any of their friends or relatives or children, depending on how they regard him—as friend, relation, child, or lover. This being so, most Indians have not bothered to verify his existence.”1

    Thus a major difference between Jesus Christ and the Hindu holy men (including Krishna) relates to history and the question of historical verification.

    Best regards.


    1. Vanamali, The Complete Life of Krishna: Based on the Earliest Oral Traditions and Sacred Scriptures (Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions, 2012), xiii-xiv.

    • The dummy Pennywise still cannot get it through his head! Even if Krishna is not historical, Hindus still worship him even though he had a human body in their myths.

      Besides, Mahavira and Sai Baba were actual people. Pennywise has no response to this inconvenient fact. No wonder he can’t disprove that his religion is a pagan one.

  9. “The cure for all diseases of the heart and soul. ”

    When you meet them strike the necks.

    The penalty for sedition: crucify them and cut off their hands and feet on opposite sides.

    A great cure for all diseases I must admit now I come to think of it.

    • Good points – those verses show the violent nature and unjust wars that 600 year late religion started.

      • 🤣😅🤣 Christian hypocrisy once again rears its ugly head! “Now kill all the men, women, children, infants and oxen.” Hmm, where are these words found? Which crackpot book has these words? Was it the Bib…oh what was it? I know it wasn’t the Quran. Not the book of Mormon. Not the Bhagavad Gita. What else is there? 🤔

      • @ Ken and Erasmus

        There goes your guys’ famous reading comprehension. The verse is NOT a command to Muslims it is a command that God gave the Angels at the battle of Badr against a fighting disbelieving army allow me to emphasise for you guys:

        8:12. YOUR LORD INSPIRED THE ANGELS: “I am with you so keep those who believe firm. I will soon cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike their heads and fingertips!”

        As can clearly be seen God is telling the Muslims during the battle what command He had given the angels. And that was to comfort the Muslims and fight against the pagan army. SO now that we explained that verse why was it okay to kill surrendering women and children?

      • Christian pagans forget how to read when they are desperate to counter the hard-hitting facts about their religion. 😂

  10. Slaying unbelievers is a great cure for islamophobia:

    “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them.”

    • Slaying children and infants is a great way to establish justice according to the Christian god, isn’t it?

      • Allah makes no distinction in the Koran between women and children or combatants.

        Muslims can pick and choose whether to follow the hadiths or not.

        Mohammed sent pregnant women and young children in to the desert with the dangers that involves.

        He also attacked civilian settlements with catapults.

        Your holy “prophets” killed children because of some premonition that they would become apostate.

        So if Allah told you that your child would become apostate would you kill him\her?

        Muhammad used a catapult against the city of Taif – a catapult kills indiscriminately. The only crime those citizens were guilty of was rejecting his claims of being a prophet and evicting him.

        Muhammad drew a distinction between Muslim and non-Muslim children and implied that it would be permissible to kill a child who has no prospect of accepting Islam:
        The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) used not to kill the children, so thou shouldst not kill them unless you could know what Khadir had known about the child he killed, or you could distinguish between a child who would grow up to he a believer (and a child who would grow up to be a non-believer), so that you killed the (prospective) non-believer and left the (prospective) believer aside. (Sahih Muslim 4457)
        After capturing Mecca, the prophet of Islam also ordered the execution of two “singing girls” who had mocked him in verse:
        “…two singing-girls Fartana and her friend who used to sing satirical songs about the apostle, so he ordered that they should be killed…” (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 819, Ibn Kathir v.3 p.403)

      • In today’s news: little Iggy got embarrassed yet again and was forced to copy and paste another moronic rant.

        Sorry Iggy, but your laughable attempts to deflect to Islam to avoid the barbarism of your god won’t work.

    • @ Erasmus

      Ooppss didn’t see this one. This verse is 9:5 let’s jump back to those verses before it:

      9:1. ˹This is the˺ cut off by God and His Messenger from the treaties you’ve made with those who equate others ˹with Him˺.
      9:2. Hang around in the land for four months, but keep in mind that you will never escape God, and that God will disgrace and humiliate those who’ve disbelieved.
      9:3. This is a proclamation from God and His Messenger, to the PEOPLE ON THE DAY OF THE HAJJ ˹PILGRIMAGE˺…
      God is free from any commitment to the pagans, and so is His Messenger. If you repent now, it’s better for you. But if you decide to turn away, then be aware that you can never frustrate God’s will. So give the ones who disbelieve the ‘congratulations’ of a painful punishment.
      9:4. As for those who have HONORED THE TREATY YOU MADE WITH THEM and have not supported anyone against you, fulfill your agreement with them to the end of their terms because God loves those who are god fearing.
      9:5. When the forbidden months are over you may kill the idol worshippers wherever they’re encountered. Arrest, surround and wait for them at every checkpoint, ˹but˺ if they repent, establish prayer and give charity, let them go on their way because God is Most Forgiving and Forever Merciful.
      9:6. If any of the PAGANS SEEKS YOUR PROTECTION, grant it to them so that they can hear God’s Word. Then take them to a place where they feel comfortable and safe because they’re people that didn’t know.

      So this is a command to be recited at the pilgrimage to the pagan tribes that our treaties are null and void. (Remeber when before i told you proper diplomatic procedure when pulling from a treaty is you have to give advance notice? These guys are getting 4 months and then the treaty is over) Now comes another important part:

      9:7. How can there be a treaty with God and His Messenger with people who equate others ˹with Him˺?
      9:8. How, when whenever they’ve had ANY OPPORTUNITY TO ADVANCE AGAINST AGAINST YOU or have gained the upper hand, they do not respect any courtesies with you? They only try to flatter you with what their mouths utter, but their hearts are against you and most of them are corrupt.
      9:9. They have sold God’s revelations for a small price, and blocked themselves and others from His path. Have no doubts about this, what they do is evil.
      9:10. They would show NO COURTESY or regard whenever believers were concerned, whether it was the norms of being family or treaties. THEY ARE THE ONES COMMITTING THE AGGRESSION.

      God is saying the reason for this pull out is because they don’t honor their treaties so when this cease-fire is over, we are at war because you started this from the years of not honoring your agreements.

      So now that we got that out of the way, can you guys now explain about those genocides of Joshua(as). You know the ones that caused the Gibeonites to lie to save themselves so he enslaved them? (Joshua 9:23) I’m really eager for your guy’s commentary but you all never seem to give it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  11. Your prophet allows the killing of children. Allah sent the flood of Noah. Don’t act as if your prophet and Allah don’t do the same.

    • 😂🤣😂 Allah sent the flood to the people of Noah only. He didn’t order Noah to go around killing children you pathetic pagan. Your god has the blood of infants on his old and wrinkled hands. 😱

      • Hahaha, the illiterate GED-seeker completely missed the point! Allah didn’t send an army to kill the people of Noah, you idiot! He sent a natural disaster. In contrast, your fake god sent an army to do his dirty work and mercilessly kill babies!

        Let me ask you Jabba. If you received an order to kill a baby, and it was claimed that this order came from God, would you do it? Would God send such a barbaric order?

        Also, answer me this Jabba. Can babies go to hell according to your religion? Think about it long and hard before you answer. And provide scriptural proof. Don’t try to weasel your way out by deflecting to Islam. If you want to prove that your religion is more rational and that people should follow it, then you need to be able to demonstrate it with proof. So go ahead. Stop playing World of Warcraft for a few minutes and answer the questions.

      • LOL, the pagan coward will not answer the questions! I guess no one should convert to Christianity because its followers can never provide any reasonable evidence as to why it is the rational choice.

        I will ask again Jabba, you pagan slob. Seriously, stop playing WoW for a little bit and answer me.

        1. Would you obey an order that you think came from God to kill an infant?
        2. Do babies go to hell, according to Christianity?

        Come on now coward. Answer the questions and show us all how reasonable your religion is. Surely, your holy spirit can provide you with the correct answers? I’m waiting…

      • If there was an infant that could be saved from a natural disaster, of course we would save them. You, on the other hand, if you thought your god said to kill all the babies, would actually do it!

        The point is that natural disasters happen all the time. Yes, infants die all the time. Whether it’s disease or a natural disaster, it’s not something we can stop. However, any decent person would do everything in his power to save an innocent life, even if he felt that the disaster was a punishment from God on the specific society. We would not just stand by and watch as babies drowned, right? But you would, wouldn’t you?

        Still waiting for your answers. Will be continue to run away like a coward or will you man up and answer?

      • Still deflecting and not answering the question? Would you obey an order to kill an infant if you thought that God had made the order? And can babies go to hell, according to your religion? Why are you running away, you cowardly slob? Is WoW so important to you?

        It was explicitly forbidden to kill women and children according to Islamic law. Making night attacks on the enemy was allowed even if there was a small risk of civilian casualties. But deliberately killing children was never allowed. In contrast, your god deliberately ordered the murders of babies. Will you continue to deflect from this evil or will you man-up and answer my questions? Come on coward. Everyone is watching you sweat right now.

      • Still waiting, Jabba the GED-seeker…

        You can run but you can’t hide…

        Your nightmare has just begun…


      • Still waiting Jabba…

        Your nightmare won’t end…


      • Still running away Jabba? Is WoW that important for you? This is why youre struggling to get the GED too!

        I already explained everything, you fat idiot. Why can’t you defend your barbaric god and answer my questions? Again:

        1. Would you kill a baby if you thought that God told you to do it?

        2. Can babies go to hell according to Christianity?

        The longer you run, the worse your nightmare will get. This is just the beginning of your worst nighmare Jabbie. Muwahahahaha!

      • Your barbaric god wasn’t too fond of Gentiles it seems. Gentiles were being slaughtered just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. No wonder your mangod called them dogs. Why do you worship a mangod who clearly has such a low view of you? Do you like being the dog of a barbaric god?

      • Hey, is that you Emma? Hiding behind anonymity? 😂🤣

        Still not answering my questions eh? I know, I know. It’s hard to defend a barbaric and racist mangod. I can see you’re embarrassed of your god, which is why you keep deflecting. Poor, Christian sow. Out of work too long? That tends to happen when you don’t have any education. My tutoring offer still stands. It will be free. What say you? We’ll get you that GED so you can aspire to get that job at McDonald’s making french fries.

        But meanwhile, answer my questions.

        Would you kill a baby, you pagan pig?

        Can babies go to hell?

        Come on coward. Your master cannot save you here. The longer you run and hide like a coward, the worse your nightmare will get. Come on Jabba, the Crosstian pig. 🐷 I’m waiting.

      • Emma’s English hasn’t gotten much better! 😂🤣

      • I’m waiting little piggie. Defend your barbaric god.

      • Aww, what’s the matter piggie Emma? Can’t defend your barbaric god without making things worse for him and you?

        Speaking of the day of judgment, will your barbaric god send babies to hell on that day? I guess he will since you believe those babies were “wicked”, right? I’m still waiting little piggie GED-seeker! 😁

        Ding, ding, ding! There we have it folks! The rotten fruits of crosstianity! Emma the whore of Babylon gets pleasure from hearing about babies being stabbed on the orders of her evil god!🤯

        Hell has a nice, warm place waiting for the little piggie whore. 😁

      • Lol, so the whore of Babylon thinks that there are some babies that are NOT innocent? You still haven’t answered my question. Do babies go to hell, yes or no? Come on piggie whore. Try to save your evil god from being roasted. 🤣😂🤣

        If you want, I can tutor you in English too. You need it to get your GED.

        Oh and again, would you kill a baby if you thought you god ordered it. Is that baby innocent or wicked?

      • 🤣😂🤣 The whore of Babylon is desperately trying to undo the damage she has already done to her evil religion! You worship an evil god, piggie whore! Nuff said! Whatever your objections to Islam are irrelevant at this point! You might as well worship Kali too, since your god is just as bloodthirsty as that other pagan deity. There is a special seat in hell waiting for you little whore. You will be roasted nicely down there. 🤣😂

      • Your English is getting worse and worse! Come on little whore. Don’t be too proud to ask for some tutoring. You need that GEd to.work at McDonald’s! 😆

      • Lol, the whore of Babylon still won’t answer the questions and is instead trying desperately to distract with her idiotic rants! How’s the Kali worship going, pagan?

        Why is your god so evil?

        Why do you get pleasure from infanticide?

        Will your god burn babies in hell?

        Your nightmare.wil not end piggie whore! 🤣😂🤣

        How’s the job at McDonald’s little gentile whore?

      • Hahahaha, the piggie whore already has trouble with English and is now trying to take a crack at Arabic!

        Son of a mutah? 🤣😂🤣 That’s like saying son of a temporary marriage! I guess even if you get that GED, you will still have a long way to go! I’m sorry piggie whore, but you’re gonna have to get used to that job McDonald’s.

      • 🤣😂🤣 Do you even know your father’s name, piggie whore?

        You’re bad enough at English. Don’t humiliate yourself further by adding Arabic into the mix. Your feeble mind won’t be able to take the stress! 🤯

  12. It is reported on the authority of Sa’b b. Jaththama that the Prophet of Allah (may peace be upon him), when asked about the women and children of the polytheists being killed during the night raid, said: “They are from them.” (Sahih Muslim 4322, see also Bukhari 52:256)

    The death of children as collateral damage was completely acceptable to Mohammed. This shows that he did not place any value on their lives.

    The bible, on the other hand, is unambiguous on this point and has a far higher ethical standard than which is found in Islam where the ends justify the means.

    Thou shalt not kill.

    • Hahahaha, we have already been through this Iggy. Your copy pasting will not save you.

      Thou shalt not kill…except when your god tells you to slaughter the Amalekites, the Midianites and all the other ites you can find. Kill them all, even the little ones.

      Yeah, that’s the “loving” god of the Bible for ya!

  13. @ QB

    Jesus – Man, “God” to Christians

    Sai Baba – Man, “God” to Hindus

    Mahavira – Man, “God” to Jains

    Krishna – Man, “God” to Hindus

    You see the pattern?

    Ohh, ohh, I do! I do! ✋✋✋

    When the crowd saw what Paul had done, they shouted in the Lycaonian language, “The gods have come down to us in human form!” (Acts 14:11)

    The people expected him to swell up or suddenly fall dead; but after waiting a long time and seeing nothing unusual happen to him, they changed their minds and said he was a god. (Acts 28:6)

    and all the people, both high and low, gave him their attention and exclaimed, “This man is rightly called the Great Power of God.” (Acts 8:10)

    They shouted, “This is the voice of a god, not of a man.” (Acts 12:22)

    The prologue of John (which ripped off Philo of Alexandria another pagan who believed in the Logos)

    “Some scholars hold that his concept of the Logos as God’s creative principle influenced early Christology. Other scholars deny direct influence but say that Philo and Early Christianity borrow from a common source.” (Keener, Craig S (2003). The Gospel of John: A Commentary)

    Philo used the term Logos to mean an intermediary divine being, or demiurge…The Logos was the highest of these intermediary beings, and was called by Philo “the first-born of God.”[14]

    Philo also wrote that “the Logos of the living God is the bond of everything, holding all things together and binding all the parts, and prevents them from being dissolved and separated.”[15]

    Philo considers these divine powers in their totality also, treating them as a single independent being, which he designates “Logos”. This name, which he borrowed from Greek philosophy, was first used by Heraclitus and then adopted by the Stoics. Philo’s conception of the Logos is influenced by both of these schools.

    So this repackaged Greek paganism is the “gems” that they don’t want to share with Muslims? Okay…

    …the Christians have said: “The Messiah is the son of God!” These are the words that have come from their own mouths, plagiarizing and adapting what disbelievers before them have said… (9:30)

  14. @ Erasmus

    You appear to have short term why don’t you answer my question as I did yours. Then I go again?

    Anyways, the verse is “thou shall not murder” there is a BIG difference between the statements. Genocide in war is a okay according to the Bible as God orders these genocides AFTER that verse so no sin is committed. Now go ahead let’s hear your and Ken’s commentary on Joshua’s(as) conquest of the Holy Land? We’re all eagerly waiting…

  15. “The prologue of John (which ripped off Philo of Alexandria another pagan who believed in the Logos)”

    The biblical Logos is what counts as truth. It is clearly equated to God in John 1 v 1. If other sources contradict this view of the Logos they are false because they are not inspired. They may shed some light on the concept as such but that is all they can do.

    • @ Erasmus

      So Philo of Alexandria was receiving revelation from on high huh? Well, that makes sense from the popular Got Questions:

      “It is somewhat difficult to assess Philo’s importance in a contemporary context as today, few mainstream Christians have heard of him. Perhaps the greatest contribution to Christian theology Philo made, in addition to being such a prominent Jewish biblical scholar in the emerging West, is that he was one of the first to initiate a strong allegorical reading of Scripture… his allegorical approach to Scripture later influenced Christian theologians such as Clement, Origen, and Didymus the Blind.”


      Got it. A guy from the Era before John was written had extensively written on this topic that just so happened to be mentioned in authors of John’s writings. BTW this dude was not a Christian. He was mixing Judaism with Greek paganism that made it’s way into Early Christian thought.

    • Your pathetic gospel copied this concept from Hellenized Jews. That is what Christianity is, just repackaged paganism.

  16. @ QB

    I’d say in a lot of ways it’s just more subtle NOW. Remember idol worship was a fitna for them.

  17. Sahih Muslim Book 19 Hadith 4457

    This tradition has been narrated by the game authority (Yazid b. Hurmus) through a different chain of transmitters with the following difference in the elucidation of one of the points raised by Najda in his letter to Ibn Abas: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) used not to kill the children, so thou shouldst not kill them unless you could know what Khadir had known about the child he killed, or you could distinguish between a child who would grow up to he a believer (and a child who would grow up to be a non-believer), so that you killed the (prospective) non-believer and left the (prospective) believer aside. ”

    This is why muslim koran conforming nut case suicide bombers can go in to places of kuffar gatherings, kill children like in Sri Lanka, and buy their virgins from Allah with kuffar blood.

    • @ Erasmus

      Oh, I can refute this (as I did with the last 2 verses you tried to use) but you like to skip and run off on tangents talk about the genocides in the Bible and we can move on. When is it okay to kill surrendering women and children?

      • @stewpot,

        Well refute then. I am waiting.

        The perverse logic of the koran and hadith inspired suicide bomber is that the children of the christian kuffar are either too young to have made a conscious decision to be kuffar or they have followed their parents and become kuffar. In either case the probability which would justify their killing according to the hadith is that they will follow their parents to become kuffar and thus the enemy of the umma.

        In either case it is justified under sharia law to kill them in jihad.To prevent them becoming a danger to the umma and send them straight to paradise if they are underage. Or prevent them becoming a danger to the umma and send them straight to hellfire if they are of age to make a religious choice. Either way a possible danger to the umma is averted and the killing of children who would most likely become kuffar by following their parents is justified by the koran and the hadith.

        As far as the Logos is concerned the trinitarian attribute of the Logos is that it is simultaneously numerically one with God and at the same time in some sense with God as a separate entity. This is something about which I can safely say had not been conceived of the Logos before it was revealed to John. It is the core of the trinitarian doctrine and without this attribute incarnation and salvation, as revealed in scripture, would not be possible. So all human conceptions of the Logos are inadequate and poor approximations of the ultimate revealed truth but nonetheless they may contain grains of truth.

    • Look at how this snake twists things.
      The hadith says
      ‘unless you could know what Khadir had known about the child he killed, or you could distinguish between a child who would grow up to he a believer (and a child who would grow up to be a non-believer)…’
      Meaning that no Muslim can kill children since we don’t have what Khadir did which is vision into the future which God gave HIM.
      But this snake, this filth twists it and tries to even bring people of Sri lanka into it and use them to further his lies.
      Killing women and children is not allowed in Islam as the Prophet (saw) clearly ordered. Women and children CAN die in war. That happens in every war. The point is you do your utter best to avoid it. That’s what the prophet thaught. Your prophet ordered the killing of men, women, children, babies and animals and you have the audacity to talk about killing children? Your pornbook is disgusting!

      • @ Erasmus

        The “Logos” is a human conception and this kaffir Philo influenced “John” (really a school in Syria). This was a known thing among the Greeks and the Jews later adopted it when they were Hellenized.

        But that is not what I was referring to, I was talking about the killing of surrendered women and children. As we see from the gentlemen posting he agrees and thinks it should be done to all non- Christians. So where are your thoughts on the subject? Cool sometimes, all time, most of the time, just break it down for me because this is proper warfare to you and is a higher standard of morality.

  18. @ QB
    All you need to know about kuffar right here:

    “What you call barbaric are my favoirite verses of the bible. I have joy in my heart when I read how God destroy the wicked.”

    If what this person has said is true they are corrupt to their very nature and among the worse of creation. Killing surrendering women and children brings joy to the heart. It’s funny because all these people try to talk about the “tyranny of Islam” or whatever crap they make up but the reality these are the people that Ken claims follow the religion that “gets rid of the root of sin” are all like this. Now when we look at the various genocides that have been committed by Christian Europe we can understand why it happened. This is the “fruits” of Christianity. I mean honestly what accomplishments do they have? What guidance have they brought humanity? They are literally what is in everyone’s mind when you think of a corrupt religion that controls people and gave rise to secularism.

    It really is a scary lesson to be an ACTUAL case study of a person who thinks they’re going to Heaven and we can see God leading them astray towards the path of Hell.

    “…He only misguides those who are disobedient and corrupt… (2:26)

    2:204. There are among people those whose speech, in the worldly life, attracts you. They’ll even make God their witness over what’s in their heart, yet they’re of the most argumentative of opponents, who refuse to listen.
    2:205. Once they turn back, they work throughout the earth spreading corruption and disorder, killing crops and children. But God does not like corruption or disorder.
    2:206. And when it’s said to him: “Fear God!” Their pride in the sin takes a hold of them. So Hell is enough to embrace them, how terrible a bed to lie in.

    Oh and a p.s. 2:205 refutes Erasmus claim that “that the order to not kill children is only in ahadith and Muslims don’t have to follow it” Soooo yay double whammy.

    • I can speak of morality because my book does not contain such pearls as:

      O Daughter Babylon, doomed to destruction, blessed is he who repays you as you have done to us. 9Blessed is he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks. (Psalm 137:9)

      And oh no a kaffir who doesn’t even know how to wipe their rear properly and enjoys killing innocent and surrendering women and children says I’m in a disgusting filthy cult. Whatever shall I do? My day must now be ruined.

      Look you can ramble all day on the internet dude it’s not my thing. If you feel some type of way and “have no mercy” as you claim you can email me and we can set up a meeting place for you to come catch these hands.

      Since I know you’re too pu**y for that, you can continue to add to your sins and remember this moment when you’re dragged on your face into Hell on the Day of Judgement for worshipping idols. Become a Muslim.

  19. @ Retarded kaffir

    To begin its not to use bones. Bit I’ll help you out there was no toilet paper back then so you use a solid product. So yes this isbhow Jesus andbthe disciples and pretty much everybody in antiquity would do it. After using your non dominant hand to wipe you then use water to wash the area. Repeat until clean.

    Look at that more practical then pretty much about 60% of the Bible.

    And ohh you would like to meet? Cool give me your contact info and I’ll message you to arrange for a flight down here and you can tell me in person how you feel in the cage sound good?

  20. Wow.
    The whole atmosphere got destroyed.
    Whoever the “CP” is, you are not acting like a believer in Christ and you didn’t “spank” anyone.
    You are still giving them ammunition to attack the Christian faith because they’re laughing at the Christian faith because of your sinful anger and dirty concentration on dirty things .
    We expect QB / Faiz to act that way because he is not a believer he doesn’t know the truth God doesn’t have the Holy Spirit to have self-control or kindness .

    Goodbye to all.

    • Ok I will be even nicer than God to the dogs and pigs. I will throw that it sacred and holy to the dogs and pigs. Let me disobey and dishonor the word of God and give it pigs and dogs like you do. Do you know what happens to people don’t accept God commands and are nicer than God to the wicked? They get eaten by animals. Please read your bible. Your going to bring judgement on yourself. Please repent. Goodbye Ken. As you say in a previous comment we don’t need to have last word. Let see if your a hypocrite who wants the the last word.

      • Hahahaha, I am loving seeing these pagans going at each other! Both of them pretend to be so righteous and holy. Typical Crosstian pagans! And one of these nutjobs actually derives pleasure from infanticide!

    • @ Ken

      Well, there ya have it, Ken. Look at that, the “root of sin” stamped out. Btw they are correct in this person is correct in their understanding of Christianity before the Reformation.

    • Kenny, you’re not a good witness either. Emma the whore of Babylon is a nutjob who we can have fun with, but you’re just a liar who spreads falsehood. Both of you are giving us ammunition to destroy your religion. Thank you so much! 😁

      • If Christianity is true; then automatically and logically, Islam is false. Therefore I am not lying.

      • Except that Christianity isn’t true. Ding, ding, ding!

        Besides, you can still lie by spreading false information and applying biased and double standards, which you do all the time. It has nothing to do with whether Islam is true or not.

      • nope; it is true and already proved it for 600 years before your 600 late religion came along and has been a plague on the world ever since.

        you don’t know the definition of a lie. You are ignorant.

      • This stupid argument of yours is why you are so a
        Laughing stock. Do you know the meaning of the word “objective”? 😂

      • But I also agree that that guy or gal or whoever is a nutjob.

      • Good, we agree.

        But what’s your excuse? 🤔

      • What’s your excuse for reading the Qur’an and not able to cure the disease of your sinful anger/ ad hominem tactics, pugnaciousness?

        No power in that book of unorganized paper that someone collected after turning on a fan.

      • So no excuse for your deception and bias, hmm?

      • That’s rich coming from you who cannot even follow your own religion in Surah 29:46

      • There go the lectures again. 🤣

      • That’s right. smoke it in your Qalyoon pipe.

      • I’ll just blow it in your pagan face.

      • I am not really a “follower” of David Wood; I prefer James White’s attitude and methods; but David Wood also has a lot of great material and his material is devastating to Islam. I have never seen him act dirty or like that guy here that goes by different names, etc. nor like Sam Shamoun in that “fight back” / vengence / hateful spirit. But you are just like that – always having to fight back with accusations, insults, lies, name-calling, anger, and then tactic of “you’re a whinny baby” when you get caught in your evil hearted malice ways and violations of Surah 29:46.

      • 😂🤣😂 David Wood, the cross-dresser and psychopath, is the last person one should go to for information about Islam. Neither is Christian princess. Both have been caught lying about the Islamic sources. See the videos I linked to above. Can you explain why your heroes are such deceivers? Let’s see what your excuse is.

      • He was cured of his atheism and being a sociopath after he went to prison and the Lord Jesus Christ converted his heart.

        I would not have done the cross-dressing thing, because it gives you ammunition to do sound bites like above, but he made a good point that Muhammad in that Hadith enjoyed dressing in women’s clothing.

      • 😂 And Kenny shows yet again how utterly stupid he is! Wood was destroyed on the cross-dressing argument yet minions like you continue to peddle that absurd polemic.

        You didn’t answer my question. Did you see the videos I linked to above? Why are your heroes such pathological liars?

      • no; I have not had time to look at them.
        But I don’t accept anything from you anymore; you are the wild dog and wild pig / boar of Matthew 7:6.

      • Hahaha, there we go folks! Kenny knows hes going to be cornered and will be forced to renounce his masters so he’s already making excuses to avoid doing it. This is why you deserve the mockery that you get Kenny. Stick that in your pipe.

      • nope; you are just a waste of time.
        why would anyone WANT to follow your links after you just call me names, etc. ?
        You destroyed any argument you could have had with me.
        No more holy Scripture for you.

      • I know, I know. Run away little mouse. But the truth will always dog you. As long as you keep appearing here, I will always be haunting you. 😈

      • If you were respectful, I may have found time to listen; but no more; since you so disrespectful and you don’t deserve respectful interaction.

        Why would you want to anyway? all you do is call me a liar, hypocrite, cry-baby, Pennywise, etc.

        Yet your prophet seems like a crybaby.
        “don’t hurt me”

      • Keep crying and whining. That serves to expose you further. We can all see how you’re trying to avoid admitting that you were mistake about the cross-dressing and never actually studied it in a fair and honest way. That is the mark of a hypocrite who is not interested in the facts. That’s why you get mocked. Why would I respect someone of such low standards?

      • I can grant that the woman’s clothing / blanket think is a waste of time. I never concentrated on that issue before.

        But, it is clear that Muhammad is a cry-baby.

        “don’t hurt me”

        and he is making up revelations to fulfill his sexual desire for Zainab Bint Jahash.

      • Still being ambiguous. Was the accusation by Shamoun and Wood accurate or not?

      • If you are right, that the meaning is just a blanket, ok; but that was not my argument nor did I waste my time on that issue anyway.

        But, the other stuff about “don’t hurt me” and getting revelations to fulfill his sexual desires stands.

      • Still not admitting it! “If you are right…”? You were shown the evidence. Now either admit defeat or offer a reasonable rebuttal. Stop trying to pretend like you didn’t make the argument.

      • Even Paul Williams admitted to me that the reason he lets Sam Shamoun comment and also invited him to write whole articles, is that he (Paul W.) admits that he makes arguments that make him think.

      • Irrelevant in this case you idiot. I have refuted Shamoun on a number of occasions. But thats all irrelevant because we are dealing with one specific topic. Shamoun was wrong. Yes or no?

      • If you are right, ok, it was Aisha’s blanket.
        But I have no reason to trust your interpretations either. you ruined your chance with me.

      • 🤣😂 Again, I could care less what you think! Your idiocy and arrogance are proving to everyone here that you are a biased loser

      • From Mishkat Al Masabih, Volume II

        Book XXVI- Fitan.

        Chapter XXXVIII, “The Fine Qualities of the Prophet’s Wives.”

        She told that the people used to choose: ‘A’isha’s day to bring their gifts, seeking thereby to please God’s messenger. She said that God’s messenger’s wives were in two parties, one including ‘A’isha, Hafsa, Safiya, and Sauda, and the other including Umm Salama and the rest of God’s messenger’s wives. Umm Salama’s party spoke to her telling her to ask God’s messenger to say to the people, “If anyone wishes to make a present to God’s messenger, let him present it to him wherever he happens to be.” She did so and he replied, “Do not annoy me regarding ‘A’isha, for inspiration has not come to me when I was in any WOMAN’S GARMENT but ‘A’isha’s.” They then called Fatima, sent her to God’s messenger, and she spoke to him, but he replied, “Do you not like what I like, girlie?” She said, “Certainly,” so he said, “Then love this woman.” (Bukhari and Muslim.) (English translation with explanatory notes by Dr. James Robson, Sh. Muhammad Ahsraf Publishers, Booksellers & Exporters, Lahore-Pakistan, Reprint 1990, p. 1361; bold and capital emphasis ours)

        From the Sahih Collection of al-Bukhari, Hadith Number 2442

        Chapter 54. The Book of Gifts and their Excellence, VII: The one who gave a gift to his friend aiming for a time when he was with one of his wives rather than another.

        It is related from ‘A’isha that the wives of the messenger of Allah fell into two parties. One party contained ‘A’isha, Hafsa, Safiyya and Sawda, and the other party contained Umm Salama and the rest of the wives of the messenger of Allah. The Muslims knew of the love of the messenger of Allah for ‘A’isha, so when any of them had a gift which he wanted to give to the messenger of Allah he would delay it until the messenger of Allah was in ‘A’isha’s house. Then the person with the gift would send it to the messenger of Allah while he was in ‘A’isha’s house. The party of Umm Salama spoke about it and said to her, “Tell the messenger of Allah to speak to the people and say, ‘Whoever wants to give a gift to the messenger of Allah should give it to him in the house of whichever wife he is.'” Umm Salama spoke to him about what they had said, but he did not say anything. They asked her and she said, “He did not say anything to me.” They said to her, “Speak to him.” She said she spoke to him when he went around to her as well, but he did not say anything to her. They asked her and she said, “He did not say anything to me.” They said to her, “Speak to him until he speaks to you.” He went around to her and she spoke to him. He said to her, “Do not injure me regarding ‘A’isha. The revelation does not come to me when I am in the GARMENT of any woman except ‘A’isha.” She said, “I repent to Allah from injuring you, Messenger of Allah.” Then they called Fatima, the daughter of the messenger of Allah, and sent her to the messenger of Allah to say, “Your wives ask you by Allah for fairness regarding the daughter of Abu Bakr.” She spoke to him and he said, “O my daughter, do you not love what I love?” She said, “Yes indeed.” She returned to them and informed them. They said, “Go back to him,” but she refused to go back. They sent Zaynab bint Jahsh and she went to him and spoke harshly, saying. “Your wives ask you by Allah for fairness regarding the daughter of ibn Abi Quhafa.” She raised her voice until she turned to ‘A’isha, who was sitting down, and abused her until the messenger of Allah looked at ‘A’isha to see if she would speak. ‘A’isha spoke to answer back Zaynab until she had silenced her. She said, “The prophet looked at ‘A’isha and said, ‘She is indeed the daughter of Abu Bakr.’” (Aisha Bewley: http://bewley.virtualave.net/bukhari20.html#gifts)

        From Sahih al-Bukhari, Hadith Number 2393

        Volume Title, “Grace and its Virtues.”

        Chapter Title, “What was Granted to the Companions and the Wives.”

        Narrated by Ismail, narrated by his brother, narrated by Sulaiman, narrated by Hisham ibn Urwah, narrated by his father, narrated by Aisha who related that the wives of the prophet were divided into two groups. One group consisted of Aisha, Hafsa, Safiya and Sawdah while the other group consisted of Um Salamah and the rest of the women that belonged to the prophet. The Muslims had learned of the great love that the prophet had for Aisha so that if one of them had a gift he desired to give to the prophet, he would delay giving it until the prophet came to Aisha’s house.

        Then the group who sided with Um Salamah came to Um Salamah and asked her to tell the prophet that he should command the people that if any of them had a gift to give to the prophet, they should give it him in whatever house of his wives the prophet was in at the time.

        So Um Salamah went and talked with the prophet but he did not respond to her. When the group asked her what the prophet said she told them that he did not respond. So they asked her to go talk to him again until he responds… then the prophet said to her, “Do not hurt me with Aisha, for the inspiration did not come upon me when I was IN (fee) A WOMAN’S GARMENT (Thawb) EXCEPT THAT OF AISHA.”

      • If you are looking to know about Islam, be wary of the fact that there are some insane souls who are nothing but deceivers and they claim to ‘unveil’ Islam. One of such big fraudsters is Sam Shamoun. Invariably his every article is heap of lies and deceits. In the following lines we expose just one more lie as a test case for those who are yet to see him at his best

        He claims that the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, on whom be the peace and blessings of Almighty Allah, used to cross dress. He refers to two narrations and we shall expose his deceit skills just below.

        Hadith 1:

        The first Hadith he uses is from Sahih Bukhari. He translates it as;

        Narrated by Ismail, narrated by his brother, narrated by Sulaiman, narrated by Hisham Ibn Urwah, narrated by his father, narrated by Aisha who related that the wives of the prophet were divided into two groups. One group consisted of Aisha, Hafsa, Safiya and Sawdah while the other group consisted of Um Salamah and the rest of the women that belonged to the prophet. The Muslims had learned of the great love that the prophet had for Aisha so that if one of them had a gift he desired to give to the prophet, he would delay giving it until the prophet came to Aisha’s house. Then the group who sided with Um Salamah came to Um Salamah and asked her to tell the prophet that he should command the people that if any of them had a gift to give to the prophet, they should give it him in whatever house of his wives the prophet was in at the time. So Um Salamah went and talked with the prophet but he did not respond to her. When the group asked her what the prophet said she told them that he did not respond. So they asked her to go talk to him again until he responds… then the prophet said to her, “Do not hurt me with Aisha, for the inspiration did not come upon when I was (wearing) A WOMAN’S CLOTHES (Thowb) EXCEPT THAT OF AISHA.” (Source- http://hadith.al-islam.com/Display/Display.asp?hnum=2393&doc=0)

        Actual wording of the Hadith:

        1- This is a long Hadith. Arabic wording for the last portion he uses to slander goes as;

        لَا تُؤْذِينِي فِي عَائِشَةَ فَإِنَّ الْوَحْيَ لَمْ يَأْتِنِي وَأَنَا فِي ثَوْبِ امْرَأَةٍ إِلَّا عَائِشَةَ

        Its correct literal translation has to be:

        “Do not hurt me regarding Aisha, as the Divine Inspirations do not come to me when I am in the [thowb] cloth (i.e. blanket) of any of wives except [in that of] Aisha.” (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith 2393)

        2- Here I have translated the word ‘thowb’ as cloth and in bracket I wrote ‘blanket’ for that is what it means.

        Another version of the same narration:

        3- This becomes further clear from the following narration, also from Sahih Bukhari, in which these last words are rendered as;

        لَا تُؤْذِينِي فِي عَائِشَةَ فَإِنَّهُ وَاللَّهِ مَا نَزَلَ عَلَيَّ الْوَحْيُ وَأَنَا فِي لِحَافِ امْرَأَةٍ مِنْكُنَّ غَيْرِهَا

        “Don’t trouble me regarding ‘Aisha, for by Allah, the Divine Inspiration never came to me while I was under the blanket of any woman amongst you except her.” (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith 3491)

        Here the actual word is ‘lihaaf’ which literally means ‘blanket’.

        Meaning of the word ‘lihaaf’:

        4- Edward William Lane in Arab-English Lexicon writes about the word ‘lihaaf’

        See his lexicon p. 3008.

        Words are used interchangeably:

        5- And as لِحَافِ (lihaaf) i.e. ‘blanket’ is made of ثَوْبِ (thowb) i.e. ‘cloth’ so these words are interchangeably used in various narrations.

        Lie exposed:

        6- Sam Shamoun, first inserted the words ‘wearing’ in brackets for no reason. Perhaps he thought that Muslims will also swallow this word in brackets as easily as Christians have been adopting interpolations into the Bible.

        7- He translated the word ‘thowb’ as “woman’s clothing” and related it to wearing. You will hardly ever find a liar of this caliber!

        Hadith 2:

        Another narration used by the liar is from Sahih Muslim. He translates it as;

        Narrated by Abdal Malik Ibn Shu’aib ibn Laith Ibn Sa’ad, narrated by his father, narrated by his grandfather, narrated by Ukail Ibn Khalid, narrated by Ibn Shihab, narrated by Yahya Ibn Sa’id Ibn Al Aas who narrated that Aisha, the wife of the prophet, and Uthman related to him that Abu Bakr requested permission from the prophet – pbuh- to enter when the prophet was lying down on Aisha’s bed WEARING HER GARMENT (Mirt). So the prophet gave permission to Abu Bakr to enter while he (Muhammad) was in that state and Abu Bakr finished what he needed and left. Later, Umar came and requested permission to enter and the prophet gave him permission to enter while he (Muhammad) was in that state. So Umar finished what he needed and left. Later, Uthman requested permission to enter to the prophet, so Muhammad sat up and told Aisha, “TAKE ALL THE CLOTHING THAT BELONGS TO YOU.”

        Actual wording of the Hadith:

        1- The Hadith goes as;

        أَنَّ أَبَا بَكْرٍ اسْتَأْذَنَ عَلَى رَسُولِ اللهِ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ وَهُوَ مُضْطَجِعٌ عَلَى فِرَاشِهِ،لَابِسٌ مِرْطَ عَائِشَةَ، فَأَذِنَ لِأَبِي بَكْرٍ وَهُوَ كَذَلِكَ، فَقَضَى إِلَيْهِ حَاجَتَهُ، ثُمَّ انْصَرَفَ، ثُمَّ اسْتَأْذَنَ عُمَرُ، فَأَذِنَ لَهُ وَهُوَ عَلَى تِلْكَ الْحَالِ فَقَضَى إِلَيْهِ حَاجَتَهُ، ثُمَّ انْصَرَفَ، قَالَ عُثْمَانُ: ثُمَّ اسْتَأْذَنْتُ عَلَيْهِ فَجَلَسَ، وَقَالَ لِعَائِشَةَ: «اجْمَعِي عَلَيْكِ ثِيَابَكِ»

        Its correct translation has to be;

        A’isha, the wife of Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him), and Uthman both reported that Abu Bakr sought permission from Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) for entrance (in his apartment) as he had been lying on his bed COVERED WITH THE BED-SHEET (mirt) OF A’ISHA, and he gave permission to Abu Bakr in that very state and he, having his need fulfilled, went back. Then Umar sought permission and it was given to him in that very state and, after having his need fulfilled, he went back. And ‘Uthman reported: Then I sought permission from him and he got up and said to A’isha: ‘WRAP YOURSELF WELL WITH YOUR CLOTH.’ (Sahih Muslim, Hadith 4415)

        Meaning of the word ‘Mirt’:

        2- His first lie about this Hadith relates to the meaning of the word ‘mirt.’ He translates it as ‘garment’ while in reality it is used for any un-sewn cloth;

        Edward William Lane in his lexicon writes;

        See Arabic-English Lexicon by Edward William Lane pp. 2709-2710.

        Clearly he even refers to the narration of Aisha (RA) and tells us that it is a piece of cloth that a woman throws over their head or wraps herself in it. In other words it is simply a sheet of cloth. In reality this single reference is enough to show that Sam Shamoun is the liar –Nay! He is the lying spirit of 1-Kings 22!

        Other narrations with the word ‘Mirt’:

        3- In Musnad Ahmad it is reported that Huzaifa bin Yaman (RA) says;

        ثم رجعت إلى رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم وهو قائم يصلي في مرط لبعض نسائه مرجل فلما رآني أدخلني إلى رحله وطرح علي طرف المرط

        “Then I went to Messenger of Allah (PBUH) while he was standing in prayers PUTTING ON A SHEET OF CLOTH (fi mirt) of one of his wives, having patterns of camel saddle on it (‘mirt’/sheet of cloth), when he saw me, he let me in, and threw the side of the SHEET OF CLOTH (mirt) on me.” (Musnad Ahmad, Hadith 23382. Authenticated by Shu’aib Arna’ut)

        Now if ‘mirt’ means ‘dress of a woman’, as the liar Shamoun says, then we have to believe that it was enough for two men.

        4- Another narration from Musnad Ahmad says about the Prophet (PBUH);

        وهو مع عائشة في مرطها

        “And he was with Aisha in her sheet of cloth (mirt-iha).” (Musnad Ahmad, Hadith 25215. Authenticated by Shu’aib Arna’ut)

        Following the Liar Shamoun’s suggested meaning, it would mean they were both wearing same the garment.

        5- Infact a narration similar to the one in question from Sahih Muslim also uses the same words. In it reads;

        عن عائشة قالت : استأذن أبو بكر على رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم وأنا معه في مرط واحد

        Narrated Aisha: “Abu Bakr sought permission from Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) for entrance (in his apartment) and I was with him in one sheet of cloth (mirt wahid)…” (Musnad Ahmad, Hadith 25378. Classified as Sahih by Shu’aib Arna’ut)

        Meaning of the phrase towards the end of the quote:

        6- His second lie is about the phrase towards the end of the section of the Hadith quoted. He translates the words;

        اجْمَعِي عَلَيْكِ ثِيَابَكِ

        “Take all the clothing that belongs to you.”

        The absolute literal translation of this phrase has to be; “Gather onto you your cloth.”

        And looking at the context and earlier discussion, it simply means ‘wrap yourself with your cloth.’

        Usage of this phrase in other narrations:

        7- Other narrations with the same phrase testify to the validity of Muslim translation and highlight Sam’s ignorance.

        One narration says;

        أَنَّ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ جَمَعَ عَلَيْهِ ثِيَابَهُ ثُمَّ خَرَجَ إِلَى الصَّلَاةِ

        The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) dressed himself, and then went out for prayer. (Sahih Muslim, Hadith 538)

        Another narration reads;

        قَامَ رَجُلٌ إِلَى النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ فَسَأَلَهُ عَنْ الصَّلَاةِ فِي الثَّوْبِ الْوَاحِدِ فَقَالَ أَوَكُلُّكُمْ يَجِدُ ثَوْبَيْنِ ثُمَّ سَأَلَ رَجُلٌ عُمَرَ فَقَالَ إِذَا وَسَّعَ اللَّهُ فَأَوْسِعُوا جَمَعَ رَجُلٌ عَلَيْهِ ثِيَابَهُ

        A man stood up and asked the Prophet about praying in a single garment. The Prophet said, “Has every one of you two garments?” A man put a similar question to ‘Umar on which he replied, “When Allah makes you wealthier then you should clothe yourself properly (during prayers). (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith 352)

        Now taking the phrase to mean the way Sam Shamoun contends, in above narrations respectively it would mean;

        “Messenger of Allah took his clothes with him and then went out for prayer.”

        And ;

        “ …. ‘Umar replied, “When Allah makes you wealthier then you should take all your clothes with you.”

        Such ‘wonderful ‘ideas can be hit upon only by Sam Shamoun for even his concept of God is like this. Infact more marvelous!

        May Allah guide protect the innocent minds from the slanderous propaganda of missionaries!


      • So, why is he is claiming a “blanket of a woman, Aisha” is what gives him revelations?

      • The blanket belonged to her stupid.

      • ok, but why is he claiming to get revelations when he puts on Aisha’s blanket?
        “Do not hurt me regarding Aisha, as the Divine Inspirations do not come to me when I am in the [thowb] cloth (i.e. blanket) of any of wives except [in that of] Aisha.” (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith 2393)

        “don’t hurt me”
        sounds like a cry baby

      • He was emphasizing how dear she was to him, moron.

        And he certainly was not cry baby. You’re a cry baby 🤣😂

      • But he was emphasizing when the revelations came to him, moron.

        he was a cry-baby

      • Yeah, so he was basically saying she was always with him when the Revelation came to him. She was there in that glorious time to support him. It’s not really not that difficult to understand if you’re not a brainwashed loser who is not interested in the facts, moron.

        Now stop being a cry baby and either offer a reasonable rebuttal about the Cross dressing accusation or admit that you were mistaken. The longer you stall, the more you expose yourself and prove to everyone here that you are nothing but a weasel who likes to spread falsehood and lies.

      • Muhammad prophet of Islam is the cry-baby.
        “don’t hurt me”
        waa waah.

      • Pennywise the pagan clown cannot admit defeat and has to jump around as a result. Was was, a cry baby just like your god.

      • you may have refuted Shamoun and Wood on that one argument; but I don’t really care; as I would have never even made that argument anyway.

      • Muhammad had adopted a boy Zayd bin Haritah and renamed him Zayd bin Muhammad.

        Several years later, one hot summer afternoon Muhammad paid an unexpected visit to visit Zyad. Thinking it was Zayd, Zaynab dressed in a near naked state (Arabic: hasirah) opened the door. Muhammad accidentally saw his gorgeous daughter-in-law Zaynab bint Jahsh, semi-naked and was filled with intense desire. He was moved by the stunning beauty of his daughter-in-law. Muhammad went away repeating, “Praise be Allah who changes hearts.” (Tabari VIII:1:)

        Zayd felt obligated to divorce Zaynab.
        However, the fact that he had a father-in-law relationship with Zaynab made marriage to her socially unacceptable. Arab culture regards a father-in-law like a father. Muhammad sought Allah’s guidance.

        Shortly later, Allah sent Muhammad a revelation that abrogated all adoptions: “Allâh has not put for any man two hearts inside his body. Neither has He made your wives whom you declare to be like your mothers’ backs, your real mothers. Nor has He made your adopted sons your real sons. That is but your saying with your mouths. But Allâh says the truth, and He guides to the Way. Call them by their fathers, that is more just with Allâh. But if you know not their fathers’ names, call them your brothers in faith and your freed slaves. And there is no sin on you if you make a mistake therein, except in regard to what your hearts deliberately intend.” (Quran Surah 33:4-5).

        Muhammad was eagerly waiting for revelation from Allah to help his predicament. He was at Aisha’s house when he supposedly got the above revelation.

        Narrated Aisha: I said (to the Prophet), “I feel that your Lord hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires.”

        Aisha knew well that “Allah’s made to order and prompt” revelations were coming from Muhammad himself.

        Zayd was no longer son of Muhammad. Muhammad promptly married Zaynab

        This is obviously exposing the nature of Muhammad’s “revelations”.

      • Kenny got smashed on one issue, and instead of admitting it, he tries to weasel his way out by jumping to another issue. One issue at a time, pagan.

      • Nope; of course I would not have wasted my time on the woman’s clothing issue; but it does show that somehow Muhammad thinks that Aisha’s cloth / blanket has some kind of special powers to give him revelations.

        and even Aisha realizes that “How swiftly Allah gives you your desires” (sexual desires to have more wives and to have Zainab Bint Jahash)

      • Still not admitting defeat eh? Do you admit the cross-dressing accusation is false, you idiot?

      • I am not defeated; that was not my argument.

        but the fact that he gets revelations in her blanket


        says, “don’t hurt me”


        Aisha says,
        “Allah is quick to fulfill your desires”
        shows the guy is making things up as he goes and gets revelations for his sexual desires.

        Exposes your religion as false.

      • Lol, now he’s lying that he never made the argument! You literally copied and pasted the cross-dressing argument you lying freak! 😂🤣🥰

      • Because of your character of lying and anger; I have no reason to trust what you say either.

        I cut and paste that showing that that was the source that they used for their argument, not that I would have used it; moron.

      • 🤣 the only moron here is you. You.keep digging yourself into a.bigger hole because of your arrogance and refusal to admit you were wrong. Like a typical pagan apologist, you jump from one issue to the next.

      • That is all you deserve. You have not done anything noble or credible.

      • I know, I know. You can’t admit defeat because of your ego. It’s okay little mouse. We know you’re a cry baby. I’ll play my violin for you while you cry. There, there.little girl.

      • Your prophet is the cry-baby.

        “don’t hurt me”
        waa waa

      • I know, I know. It’s okay little girl. It sucks to be humiliated like this, but you got what you deserved.

      • I couldn’t care less what you think idiot. I am just interested in exposing you as the charlatan and liar that you are. And you are doing a great job proving my point!

      • I don’t care about what you think either. You are not worth time at all anymore. You ruined your chance.
        You are the pig and wild dog of Matthew 7:6

      • 🤣😂🤣 You have said this multiple times already and yet you’re still here giving me.more ammunition to expose you again and again!

      • The only pig and dog is you, and your mangod savior agrees with me.

      • LOL
        Good bye Faizy the follower of cry baby “don’t hurt me”
        who gets revelations to fulfill his sexual desires and get Zaynab Bint Jahash.

      • Bye pagan follower of a racist mangod!

      • The Islamic sources are unanimous that the marriage between Zaid and Zaynab was not a happy one.  According to the Holy Quran, the Prophet advised Zaid to stay with Zaynab:

        “[b]ehold! Thou didst say to one who had received the grace of Allah and thy favour: “Retain thou (in wedlock) thy wife, and fear Allah.””[56]

        This shows that Zaid had wanted to divorce Zaynab anyway.  The marriage did not work because Zaynab was from the tribe of Bani Hashim (the same tribe as Muhammad), whereas Zaid was a freed slave and not a member of her same tribe.  As Islamic author Moustafa Zayed explains:

        “[t]he marriage didn’t last long because Zaynab kept looking down upon her husband, who kept complaining to the Prophet till the Prophet found no other solution but to accept their divorce.”[57]

        The other fact that the missionaries always seem to ignore is that it was Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself who persuaded Zaynab to marry Zaid in the first place!  As Moustafa Zayed points out, if the Prophet wanted her for himself, he could have married her “a thousand times over” instead of first persuading her to marry Zaid, and then hoping for a divorce so he could marry her![58]  The fact is that Zaid had not been threatened into divorcing Zaynab.  He wanted to divorce her, and she also wanted to divorce him. 

      • Kenny gets smashed again!

      • I don’t know what links you are talking about; and give no promises on being able to take hours and hours out to listen to them either.

      • boring and a waste of time to follow your links.

      • I know, I know Pennywise. You need to make excuses so you can keep worshiping your masters. You could never let them be exposed and thus be forced to renounce them.

      • If they make a good argument, I feel free to use whatever good material they may have. So far you have never presented a good argument on anything.
        you lost and loose.

      • Your an idiot Kenny. Face it. You copy and paste and then decide on your bias that anything countering your assertion must be wrong.

      • You don’t know the definition of a “lie” either. You are ignorant.

      • I’ve exposed your lies before Kenny. Don’t try to deny it now. That only makes you more of a liar.

  21. If that’s your preference it’s:


    To save you time trying to spam, this is a throwaway email so if you’re serious you got a week. I’m warning you though being in an actual fight is a little different than murdering unarmed women and children.

  22. They both make a lot of good points. (in the video below) I don’t know if that is the guy that in the channel. I listened to first 20 minutes so far – they are destroying Islamic arguments.

  23. “The Qur’an is like a guy who wrote a bunch of non-sense papers and turned on a fan in front of them and then collected them all out of order and disorganized.”

    (my paraphrase)

    So true.

    • So true if you are a Christian pagan with no common sense or any knowledge about Arabic literature.

      In contrast to the Quran, which is coherent and consistent with itself, the silly Bible is a hodge-podge of books written by anonymous quacks with competing theologies. Who in their right mind believes such a book is “inspired”? More like “impaired”…😂

      • @ QB

        Or the fact that it makes a series of Chiastic and ring structures that these people are too stupid to understand? Or the fact that the Bible itself is actually all over the place and they take a LOT of liberties when translating it to make sense?

        Anyways thanks for posting that Ken and proving my point. The saying goes birds of a feather flock together do what again? CP, Shamoun and Wood are just pawns in a little gay club together funded by various Zionist, right-wing (including white supremacy) groups. Everything you hear from CP’s flunky is how they ALL feel and what they wish to do to us (while of course making a few bucks on the side).


        Again REALLY easy to tell who are the good guys and bad guys lol.

        Anyways to the rest of the Muslims just take this to heart:

        16:125. Call to your Lord’s path with wisdom and heart penetrating advice. Debate them with arguments that are in and of themselves better, because your Lord is more knowledgeable in regards to the one that is lost from His path and the one who is guided correctly.
        16:126. If you are attacked then retaliate equally, but if you are patient then that’s better.
        16:127. So remain patient, because your perseverance only comes from God. Don’t be saddened over them or become stressed over the plots they’re making,
        16128. because God is with those who only fear Him and do good…

    • God is not dependent on lineair writing unlike your anonymous/horny writers and those that wrote forgeries in your bible. He does not talk like man and hence is not bound to your trashwriters who could not help themselves but be limited in their writing which you want to attribute to God.

      Your bible on the other hand:

      ‘The Bible is like a horny guy who wrote a bunch of sexscenes and who turned on the fan at himself cus he was getting hot from all the perverted sexscenes he came up with.’

    • Of course your statement is nothing but ignorance. Christians who are the source of the absurd and nonsensical language try to judge Qur’an? How pathetic! How dare you?
      I mean you take personal letters in which the author sends his greetings and asks for his personal stuff to be the Word of God, so how dare you to vomit this ignorance about Qur’an?

      Do you really think this’s the word of God?
      “When you come, be sure to bring the coat I left with Carpus at Troas.”
      Or what should we say about the gospels in which Jesus suddenly pops up and suddenly disappears while the gospels are supposed to be a “historical narrative”?
      In contrast, Qur’an presents itself with a very high majestic language as a book of theology which contains history. There’s a big difference. However, your bible presents a story that a man went to a whore and slept with her. That’s it. What does that give me?
      What about the unnecessarily repeating in 1 Cor 8&9 ? Mistake?
      Do you really compare this with Qur’an? I will say what Imam Al-Razi said “The eyes underestimate the star’s dimension. This is due to the eye, not to the star’s smallness ”

      Also, judging by the accent I think the christian pig is from Shaam (Lebanon?). Not sure though.
      Let me remind that pig of what some linguistic christian Arabs said about Qur’an.

      1) Amīn Nakhlah, christian Lebanese poet and a member in the Academy of the Arabic Language in Damascus. He said in his book (Al-Hwaa’ Al-Talq)
      “Whenever I read Qur’an, and that mazing eloquence captivates me that even covers all my sense, I start shouting! Woe to you myself! What are you doing? Don’t you remember that I’m a christian?”

      This’s exactly what Meccan disbelievers said! They used to say don’t listen to Muhammad because it will allure you with his magic (i.e. Qur’an).

      2) Faris Shidyaq, a Lebanese protestant scholar in the 19th century, He was Linguist, Writer, Journalist, and translator. Translation of the bible was assigned to him because of his eloquence in Arabic. In fact, he was invited to Cambridge, England to do that. Later, he accepted Islam and mocked some works in Arabic done by missionaries to imitate Qur’an.

      In the west, you may read what J. C. Mardrus or Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

      The christian pig is just a mouth to gain money from the ignornat christians. It’s obvious that he’s supported by them and other missionary institutions.

  24. The testosterone level is so high in this thread i can’t but help think this is everyones way of working out trying to look good for the summer time😅

  25. Anymore vile comments will be deleted on sight.

    • Thank you Paul for deleting those comments and saving me. I got humiliated again. Based on the amount of comments and posts I mention Sam and Emma. They clearly live rent free in my head, after the beating I got. I will keep mentioning them. In hope they give me me another chance. The honor to get another spanking by them. I’m not very smart but who knows maybe I’ll get lucky and win for once aganist them. But brother I appreciate you hiding my defeat. I love you brother for the sake of Allah (bmx) and our prophet (xyz). May Allah (bmw) bless you. I love you my Ahki. 😘😍👬

  26. Even Paul Williams admitted to me that the reason he lets Sam Shamoun comment and also invited him to write whole articles (a couple of times), is that he (Paul W.) admits that he (Shamoun) makes arguments that make him think.

  27. @ QB

    Ohh yea. I forgot that one. You beat him on the Quran saying the Earth is flat, but I would say Matt and the Flat Earth wasn’t as decisive a victory as the other topics.

    Regarding the followers
    One was PK (he also finally slightly conceded that the Trinity is not supported in John)

    The other was a random guy on the does CP have a brain video

    These people really think Muslims are scared of these people lol. Nobody I show these debates to says he won. They just act like they didn’t see it.


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