The Qur’an is like a bride – Rumi

The Qur’an is like a bride.
Although you pull the veil away from her face,
she does not show herself to you.
When you investigate the Qur’an,
but receive no joy or mystical unveiling,
it is because your pulling at the veil
has caused you to be rejected.
The Qur’an has deceived you
and shown itself as ugly.

It says,
“I am not a beautiful bride.”
It is able to show itself in any form it desires.
But if you stop pulling at its veil and seek its good pleasure;
if you water its field, serve it from afar
and strive in that which pleases it,
then it will show you its face
without any need for you to draw aside its veil.

– Rumi, translated by William C. Chittick

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  1. I really don’t like it. Sufis usually go far with their poems.

  2. A contemporary fruitful approach to the Quran might be to interpret it as art. Epic literature from late antiquity.

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