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  1. ِEid Mubarak for all. May Allah accept our deeds.

    Happy Eid! 🙂

  2. Showing happiness on this Day is Sunnah, and it’s highly recommended!
    My brothers , if you can make a muslim happy don’t hesitate. This is very well established in our Islamic traditions.

  3. I hope you all enjoy this occasion.

  4. @ Agnostic

    Many on here have attempted to speak to you respectfully and you refused to do so, and instead opted for the troll and ramble route. Please allow me to remind you of our first interaction ever:


    In this discussion you raised a contention, I felt was legit and not knowing your personality responded respectfully and listed our approach to things. You then began to make unwarranted insults and then refused to stay on topic after an example was presented proving you wrong.

    You yourself are responsible for how you are treated around here. I have theological disagreements with several regular posters and don’t get insulted. I’m gonna give you some sage advice:

    “If you want respect, give respect”

    If you choose to go another route then don’t get mad that you are given a similar response in kind. Become a Muslim and have a nice day.

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