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  1. Why did you delete my good comment?

  2. D. A. Carson in his commentary on Matthew gives a good explanation of that controversial passage in Matthew 27 about the tombs opening and bodies being resurrected.

  3. so therefore, it is not dodgy.

  4. Any holy book from antiquity is dodgy by today’s standards. Oh, I forgot, in the Quran the dodgy parts are miraculously not.

  5. If those resurrected came from a different era it would not have been possible for anyone in Jerusalem to have been acquainted with them.

    We are not told anything about if and what they said to anyone they met.

    My own belief is that they were given temporary bodies for that day and then they went back to the intermediate state from which they came.

    The man in the video also correctly stated that no one has been resurrected, apart from Jesus, with the glorified resurrection body about which Paul writes in Corinthians.

    Matthews statement about Jesus living in Nazareth and being called a Nazarene does not mean that the prophets of the OT literally prophesied of him that he would be called a Nazarene. We have to interpret this in another way.

    The idea that when the Jews say that only God can forgive sin they are referring to the trivial forgiveness of persons who have wronged you is nonsense. No one needs a special authority from God to forgive in this way. It is a duty to forgive according to Jesus and the Royal Law of the OT. Personal vengeance is unlawful.

    So the Jews are referring to forgiveness of wrongs which God himself holds against us and for which his wrath is upon us. A man can be forgiven by another man but the wrath of God can still be upon him for the sin which he committed against that man who has actually forgiven him.

    The man in the video tried to point this out when he referred to the day of judgement but PW just ignored him.

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