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  1. I believe that language is called Gibberish. It’s very common among Christians. In fact, it might be the common language in the world.

  2. This is a classic from the beloved Sheikh May Allah سبحانه و تعالى
    Have Mercy on him…
    Some christians may object that Sh. Deedat is wrong on trinity theory and it should be three persons not one person. But in reality christians often dont have a clue on Trinity theory and hold a position that God and Jesus is interchangeable, the “one self” version the of the trinity that is one person with one center of self-consciousness.

    • Actually before christians point their fingers to the Lion, Ahmed Deedat, they should ask why no one of his opponents corrected him.
      That’s in case we take their objection seriously because from the linguistic view, each person can be identified as a being. Christians just play with the language, and that’s why the opponents of Deedat at that time didn’t see a problem with that statement which has been quoted from Swaggart’s book in the first place!

  3. Not only Christians object. Deedat seems ignorant of trinitarian basics.

    • Are you sure about that undecided voter? You know that undecided voters tend to be the biggest misinformed idiots in the world, right?

      • Trinitarianism does not affirm God is one person. You know very well. What Deedat tries to pull off is dishonest propaganda.

      • “Trinitarianism does not affirm God is one person. You know very well. What Deedat tries to pull off is dishonest propaganda.”

        I would ask you “which trinitarianism?” You see, from my experience, if you ask 10 Christians to explain the trinity, you will probably get 10 different answers. They might use analogies or some other way of explanation, which invariably leads them to fall into some “heretical” trap.

        Moreover, if weren’t such an opinionated idiot who says things without investigating, you would avoid embarrassing yourself like this. You see, uv, Sheik Deedat was simply stating his Christian opponent’s beliefs.


        See from 0:45. He says that it was Jimmy Swaggart who said that. You see what I mean about Christians and the many ways the trinity can be explained? They don’t even know their own doctrine!

    • First thing I noticed as well. I think Deedat knows, he is deceiful on purpose. You don’t expect somone like QnB to see the flaw in the meme. But I thought Paul Willaims would have noticed.

      • Hey Emma! Back for more, eh? Have you seen your god’s flat earth by now? 😉

        As I explained to the undecided voter (Agnostic), Sheik Deedat was actually quoting a Christian (i.e. Jimmy Swaggart).

        Now I don’t expect sheep like you to actually investigate these matters. You simply listen to your masters. But the rest of us like to investigate. So I investigated this matter of “three persons” or “one person”. And here is what I found:

        B.B Warfield – “The great thing to be taught the ancient people of God was that the God of all the earth is one person.”

        Cornelius Van Til – “God is a one-conscious being, and yet he is also a tri-conscious being.”

        “…the work ascribed to any of the persons is the work of one absolute person…”

        “We do assert that God, that is, the whole Godhead, is one person.”

        “And even within the ontological Trinity we must maintain that God is numerically one. He is one person.”

        Gordon Clark – “[T]he Godhead [is] one in one sense and three in a different sense. Whether this difference be called person or substance is inconsequential. . . . Although it is not familiar to our ears, one could say that God is one person and three substances. In fact, translate substance back into Greek and it is most orthodox to say that the Godhead is three substances. It makes no difference what term one uses, provided that he clearly states that they are not synonymous. God is one and three in different senses.”


        Commenting on Van Til’s attempts to explain the trinity, another Christian stated:

        “Van Til’s answer is that God is an “absolute person.” Abstractions are impersonal. God is a concrete, personal reality. Our word is ruled by a person, not an abstract principle. As Van Til says, when God identified himself to us in revelation, “there was not universal being of which he was a particular instance.”3 If the three persons (individually and collectively) exhaust the divine essence (are “co-terminous” with it), then the divine essence itself must be personal. And if God is an absolute person, and his is one, there must be a sense in which he is one person.”


        So there you go. It’s your fellow Christians who say this, dummy! Next time, research the complicated discussions of your scholars first, before accusing others of being “deceitful” or “misrepresenting” your faith.

  4. I believe in Allah and Deedat his final messenger (pbuh) even when he talk nonsense and mispresent another faith. I will defend his nonsense. Let tell the christians what they really believe, because our leaders are retarded. Lol

    • What a pathetic attempt to make a childish insult. You got refuted about deedat being deceitful and you just jump to this low level like a true xtian.

  5. Hey Emma. Your English seems to gotten worse since last time. LOL..

    • Even if it’s not perfect. At least I can write and read. Don’t forget your prophet was iliterate. Burn LMAO. That why “Gabriel” lost patience and abuse him in the cave lol.

    • Our prophet was living in Arabia in 7th century where many people couldn’t read or write. You on the other hand are living in a society where pretty much everyone can read and write. If you are so desperate for a gotha moment at least don’t be as stupid as the fat ugly blob beneath in the comment section.
      And since you are talking about poopoo. Your ‘holy’ bible is the one that’s obsessed with crap.
      Ezekiel 4:12
      And thou shalt eat it [as] barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight.
      Ezekiel 4:15
      And thou shalt eat it [as] barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight.
      Malachi 2:3
      Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, [even] the dung of your solemn feasts; and [one] shall take you away with it.

      Crossworshipers and their god of poopoo. Hallelujah!

    • Hey Emma, why are you repeating yourself? Are you a broken record too? Man, so you’re an illiterate sheep who lives on a flat earth who is a broken record! Yikes!

    • Ah, the bad English comes out again! Again, what’s your excuse for your uneducated writing skills?

      People in ancient times didn’t have the luxury of an education. It explains why your gospels thought the earth was flat. 😂😅🤣

    • Hahaha, hey Stew, you want to educate poor Emma on this gem? 😉

    • Emma’s English is getting worse by the minute! I wonder how well you speak in tongues! 😁

    • @ QB

      You’ve got to love the irony in someone calling another person stupid and insulting literary skills when they barely possess it themselves.

      @ Emma

      Whoo haven’t heard that one in a while let me just leave this here:

      Can’t help but notice you don’t have any commentary on Peter and John being illiterate, ignoramuses?

      • Stew, don’t do that. Don’t give her a link to read. The poor dear doesn’t know how to write in English. I doubt she will have good reading comprehension. Perhaps you should just summarize it for her? She needs an education.

    • You clearly can’t answer the question. If someone says stuff like camel urine is medication. Poverty is not the problem. That person is just stupid. I’m sure Atlas also won’t answer the question like a coward and divert like you. Next time I comment on an article, if you want to reply. Know that I will humiliate your prophet. I’ll make that fake prophet cry in his grave. And it will be your fault for him getting another beating lol. Haha even looking for back up in your comment. You know your no match.

      • 🤣🤣🤣 Idiot, these were desert dwellers who didn’t have a local pharmacy to go to.

        Again, what’s your excuse for your stupidity?

        Oh and I asked Stew to educate you because he wrote an article about that subject on my blog. Don’t worry Emma. You will be educated and exposed as an illiterate little sheep.

      • What a waste of space this crossworshiper is. Gets her ass handed to her over and over again and pretends to have the upperhand. You got humuliated on illiteracy and now you jump to camel urine like a bitch on heat. The prophet told the group of people that were ill at THAT time to consume it with milk to get cured and they did. It was purely for medical reasons and nothing else. What’s your pornbook’s excuse for telling a prophet to eat bread baked with his own poopoo?
        What kinda sick god is that? But of course you wont answer and will cower like a loser and jump to something else and just throw out insults like the filthy dog that you are. And that’s why you’ll alway be this loser who always comes to this blog, gets her pagan kicked and who will divert from it by throwing out the cheapass insults cus that’s all crosswhoreshipers can do.

      • I agree with what you said brother, but don’t stoop to their level and use foul language. We can understand why they use it. They’re demonic manworshipping pagans. But we are not and should not use such language.

    • Has this dumb crossworshiper ever thought of reading the Muslim responses?
      Look at this moron jumping from topic to topic like a loser. You see this happen ALL the time with thse scumbags. You put them in their place and then they just jump to another topic as if they had the upperhand while they got humiliated. Pathetic.

  6. The dog is out barking again I see. Here’s the refutation of his misuse of Till and co.


      • Hey Shammy! What happened to you little man? I’ve been waiting for your response to my last article.

        As for what Van Til said, I merely quoted Christian sources, so you if you have a problem, go bark at them. And watch who you call a dog you Gentile mutt. You’re the one who needs to be begging at your mangod’s table like a good little pet. 😂

      • The dog is foaming I see. Why not read the links to see that, like your illiterate profit, you didn’t understand what Till actually wrote. I don’t blame you, since you can’t be any more literate than your god and his profit.

        BTW, care to join me via livestream on google hangouts so you can school me with the arguments in defense of your profit’s stupid blunder in Q. 17:1 in a live debate? Since you are so confident of your trash then surely you are man enough to come to the defense of your profit. I am free everyday this week except Thursday, God willing. Let me know if you have a bite with your bark.

      • Lol, again, I didn’t make the claims about Van Til you idiot! Your fellow Christians did! Go bark at them.

        You crosstians should blame yourselves for the laughing stock that is the trinity. You come up with nonsensical explanations and then accuse each other of heresy. It seems some Christians had accused Van Til of such heresy too. And from what I have seen, Swaggart was also accused of promoting a heretical doctrine as well.

      • The stone smoocher is foaming at the mouth. You are stupid enough to cite a source WITHOUT REALIZING THAT YOUR SOURCE GOT BUSTED FOR BEING AS STUPID AS YOU FOR MISREPRESENTING WHAT TILL AND CO. STATED.

        That’s what happens when you lick and smooch a black stone like your pagan profit did. Your brain literally gets stoned resulting in brain damage. So keep foaming since that is all you can do.

    • Sam should be blocked! There’s no reason for him to write in this blog!

  7. Now just to expose this dog for being a deceiver like his profit, Deedat wasn’t simply quoting any Joe Shmoe. Rather, in the cliip which the meme misrepresented, Deedat said that the CATECHISM says that they are not three Persons, but one Person. Now I challenge Muhammad’s dog to cite ANY catechism that says what this other dog claimed it says.

    And BTW, my rebuttal to his trash where he tried to save his profit from his gross blunder in Q. 17:1 will be posted soon, Lord willing.

    In the meantime I will let the dog to keep barking like the rabid animal he is.

    • Um moron, Deedat clearly said that it was written in “brother Swaggart’s book”. You must be getting old Shammy. Or maybe you’ve been eating too many rabbit turds. 😉

      • Umm, yoou filthy vile dog, HE SAYS THAT THE CATECHISM SAYS WHAT HE CITED. I know you can’t help yourself since your example is Allah and his profit.

        So stop foaming at the mouth AND QUOTE THE CATECHISM that says what Deedat claims. So fetch boy and defend your taghut.

      • Lol, Shammy is getting frustrated! No moron, he referred to the catechism regarding the previous set of threes, three Almightys. Then he said that there are 3 persons and yet one person and that this is what is written in Swaggart’s book. Stop being such a fool Shammy. Get over yourself and admit that you are wrong for once. Your arrogance only serves to destroy what little dignity and credibility you have left.

    • There he goes foaming at the mouth. In the very clip you cited, around the 30-second mark your dog Deedat says, “In HIS CATECHISM IT CONTINUES The Father is Almighty, the Son is Almighty, the Holy Ghost is Almighty, but they are not three Almighties but one Almighty. IT CONTINUES, YOUR CATECHISM! It says the Father is a Person, the Son is a Person, the Holy Ghost is a Person – that’s what Swaggart says in his Book, PERSON, PERSON, PERSON- But not three Persons, but one Person.” Only a vile dog would twist what Deedat said about Swaggert’s book in order to defend Deedat’s misquoting the Catechism. The only thing that Deedat attributed to Swaggert is the fact of his affirming that there are three Persons. HE NOWHERE QUOTES SWAGGERT SAYING THEY ARE ONE PERSON. And to expos you, please cite the book where Swaggert says what you attribute to him.

      Again, being a vile dog who imitates Muhammad you can’t help but like the jinn who possessed your profit.

      • And to further expose your profit, Deedat repeated the same exact thing in his debate with Shorrosh where he says once again that THE CATECHISM says they are one Person. Now let’s see you squirm your way out of this one since you can’t appeal to Swaggert’s book since your dog Deedat didn’t even mention Swaggert in that debate.

        Like I said, you can’t be better than your profit which is why you are a vile thug who hides behind his computer screen.

      • Fatty Shammy is pathetic! You obviously have trouble with listening. No wonder you had to get a GED.🤣

        It’s clear what Deedat said. If you want to insist on your stupidity, that’s your problem. You are an embarrassment! Stop eating those rabbit pellets.

  8. Now let’s see what Swaggart writes concerning the Trinity, taken from the following source, p. 12: https://www.jsm.org/Evangelist/May2011.pdf

    The Holy Spirit is talked about as much as any Member of the Godhead today. There is much confusion and much error concerning the exact definition of the Third Person of the Triune God.

    The Holy Spirit is a Person, a real Being, Who thinks, acts, wills, feels, loves, and speaks. He cannot be seen by the natural eye, but His Actions fulfill all the requirements of a personality.

    The Holy Spirit is not a thing or an it. He is not a universal mind or some vague life-giving force. He is not some fuzzy, abstract idea, nor is He a material or an ethereal substance. He is a Person, but He is also Deity. He is the Third Person of the Godhead – the Trinity. Now this does not mean the Holy Spirit is one-third God or one-third of God. God cannot be divided.

    Neither does it mean that He is One of Three. God is One God. Deuteronomy 6:4 says, “Hear, O Israel: the
    LORD our God is One LORD,” yet, He is Eternally self existing in Three distinct Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each of these Persons is fully God, yet each is an individual Person within Himself. Jesus is God, the Father is God, and the Holy Spirit is God.


    Now, because all Three Members of the Godhead are God (which infers infinite Knowledge, infinite Love,
    infinite Mercy, and infinite Justice), all Three are always in complete agreement on everything. God is Omniscient (all-knowing) and thus, always knows the Perfect Way for anything, for there is one Perfect Solution to anything – whether or not we (as humans) can see this Perfect Solution. It is, therefore, possible for the Beings to be in Perfect Unity at all times – if those Three Persons all have infinite (unrestricted and unending) knowledge as the Godhead does.


    This is why it is possible to have “Three Members in One,” which is what the words “Triune,” “Trinity,” and “Godhead” describe. It is Three Individuals – each with His Own Personality, Awareness, and Mission – occupying the Position of God.

    The Three Persons of the Godhead never argue or debate. Each one knows, at all times – even before things happen – what should be done and what will be done. They, therefore, don’t even have to discuss matters. Each knows before, during, and after, what should be done and what will be done. Each knows before, during, and after what should and will happen. The final result, as we know, will be God’s Will. Thus, the Three Persons Who constitute God agree together always – never debating, never voting, and never disagreeing.

    All Three Members of the Trinity are equal Omniscience (knowledge of everything) thus, Three Minds that act as One. They are in Unity. And the Holy Spirit possesses all the attributes that both God the Father and
    God the Son possess.

    So I want this rabid Muhammadan to quote from any of Swaggart’s books where he says they are not three Persons but one Person. Hopefully, he’ll stop foaming or smooching the black stone long enough to hunt down where Swaggart supposedly wrote what this clown attributes to him.

  9. No catechism says that cos it is illogical.

    Another strawman to deceive his audience.

  10. Even if it’s not perfect. At least I can write and read. Don’t forget your prophet was iliterate. Burn LMAO. That why “Gabriel” lost patience and abuse him in the cave lol.

    • Hey Emma, so were the disciples of your mangod, and so probably was your mangod also! Most people in those days were illiterate. They were poor and could not afford an education.

      They had an excuse, but what excuse do you have to be such an illiterate dummy?

      • Lol, the Hashim tribe was actually not that wealthy you idiot!😁

        So again what’s your plan excuse for your stupidity? 🤣

      • Again though, what’s your excuse Emmie? Why are you such a dummy despite the benefit of a modern education?

        It wasn’t like that in ancient times. Literacy rates would have been very low in Arabia in general. They didn’t go to a local school to learn. Moreover, it was mostly an oral society, where literary works were not common place.

      • Lol, the two dummies with their vile mouths trying to help each other out! Such Christian values!

      • More stupidity? They used what they could find as medicine, you idiot! I wonder what your mangod prescribed as medicine? Oh right, nothing! Everything was causesd by possession! 🤣

      • Keep it up crosstian! You’re doing a.great job exposing your pathetic religion! I guess you’ve been reading Ezkiel 23 lately, eh? 😉

      • Yes, you are a retard for believing in a mangod who didn’t know what season it was when he wanted some figs. Or who delighted in comparing people’s private parts to those of donkey’s. 🤪

    • Emma should be blocked.

      • @ Abdullah

        These ayat are what help me deal with these ignoramuses. God says:

        …I recorded what they’ve spoken and will add more and more to their punishment. (19:79)

        …So pity the damned from those who disbelieve because of their testimony on the Hardest Day. (19:37)

        Really helps as all you can do is shake your head at them.

      • I don’t favor banning them at all. Why? Let them expose themselves and their fake piety. They’re doing half the work for us, lol!

  11. @ Atlas

    Is Emma aware that most people in antiquity couldn’t read or write? There was no need to. Ehrman says that aprrox 85- 90 % of the population in 1st century Palestine couldn’t either. Lets see what her text says about the Disciples:

    Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus. (Acts 4:13)

    Words used in Greek

    ἀγράμματοί (agrammatoi)
    Adjective – Nominative Masculine Plural
    Strong’s Greek 62: Unlettered, i.e. Illiterate.

    ἰδιῶται (idiōtai)
    Noun – Nominative Masculine Plural
    Strong’s Greek 2399: From idios; a private person, i.e. an ignoramus.

    So her corny joke actually back fires on the alleged author of her text and founder of the Church who were apparently illiterate and ignoramus . So how was that for a burn?

  12. @ Atlas

    Indeed. I literally shutter to think about the amont of sins he, Wood and Kochez get everyday.

  13. So let’s see how the Christians dogs nitpick on Sheik Deedat’s statement. He said that it was written in “brother Swaggart’s book”. I tracked down the book. Here is what “brother Swaggart” wrote in the book “The Error of the Jesus Only Doctrine”:

    “The Scripture does state there is one God. But the word “one” relates to unity as well as number. I John 5:7 clearly means one in unity, as does St. John 17:11-21. And yet there are three distinct persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The three are spoken of as one in number and yet treated individually in Scripture.”


    So this is what Sheikh Deedat was most likely referring to. Swaggart stated that there are 3 distinct persons but that they are spoken of as one in mumber.

  14. Has this dumb crossworshiper ever thought of reading the Muslim responses?
    Look at this moron jumping from topic to topic like a loser. You see this happen ALL the time with thse scumbags. You put them in their place and then they just jump to another topic as if they had the upperhand while they got humiliated. Pathetic.

    • Atlas, she’s just one of the blind little sheep. That’s all they can do. I mean if your Bible says such stupid things as s very high mountain can show you the entire world, that rabbits chew the cud, that the Earth is 6,000 years old, that all animals were originally vegetarians, that a talking snake caused mankind’s downfall, that God is an old man with white hair, that God had to come down to earth to verify the reports of Sodom’s sins…how would you act? She has been raised to be stupid. It’s not the poor year’s fault. 😂

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