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  1. Huh? I never thought about that in refutation to this argument. Good point Paul

    Any of the Christian trolls want to elaborate on this?

  2. That’s a rather weak argument. Allah is totally unlike creation in Islamic theology, and while not being human at all, male or female, would by virtue of his omniscience, understand the experiences of both. Thus, to suggest that God would have to be a particular kind of being to understand the said being’s experiences would be to suggest that Allah himself is not omniscient.

  3. He understands via human experience and divine omniscience what it is to be male, and He understands via divine omniscience alone what it is to be female. I think you’re going after the “He understands you completely” following the point about becoming human. I am unaware of the surrounding context. Perhaps the broader discussion was around the experience of human temptation (which of course the divine nature is not subject to).

  4. When you take the overarching message and themes of the bible, asking about such things like how a woman experiences a period comes off as odd. Did Christ experience temptation? Yes. Did Christ experience pain and suffering? Yes.

    Christ became man to know experientially these different kinds of suffering. Thus, He sympathises with us in our weakness not only has the one who knows all things by virtue of His Divine omniscience, but as one who has suffered as we do.

    • @ Royal Son
      Women still have different temptations and desires (the ol women are from venus men are from mars)

      Also I find this statement odd. If God has knowledge of all things (which I’m sure we both agree) then their is no need to come down as a human.

      By saying a thing was “tempted” experienced “pain abd suffering” then it is weak and not worthy of tour worship, as that means this thing could fail you for a bribe or its incapacity to defend.

    • Oh the mental gymnastics. God creates an imperfect being and punishes it for being imperfect. Then God becomes imperfect and punishes himself so that he doesn’t have to punish his imperfect creation any more – for being imperfect. Hihi.

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