In many respects Islam reflects an echo from Christianity’s earliest phase.

‘Some in the West think that Islam, in its cultural expression, represents a religious phase inferior to Christianity, but this is justified only in that our Western Christianity has been “re-elaborated” and re-thought within Greco-Roman culture. But if we reinsert Christianity within the historical and cultural framework that was originally its own, that is to say, within the Jewish Christian framework, if we set aside the Platonization of Christianity in order to return to the forms of the Mother Church of Jerusalem under the leadership of Saint James, “the Lord’s brother,” and if we reinsert the whole within the Semitic context, then Islam would appear to us in a more favourable light, even in the West.‘

Martiniano P. Roncaglia “Éléments Ébionites et Elkésaïtes dans le Coran,” Proche Orient Chrétien 21 (1971): 101-126. 

(Cited in Mustafa Akyol, The Islamic Jesus: How the King of the Jews Became a Prophet of the Muslims (St. Martin’s Press, 2017), pp. 101-102.)

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  1. What disappointing is that Mustafa Akyol has been calling for years to follow christianity in its the latest phase in which it has been dissolved in the western secular liberal culture.

  2. Those are quite revolutionary words. And if analysed carefully with honest intention, it becomes self-evident that Islam is the true representative and inheritor of the true, ancient and eternal religion and continues the great legacy of all prophets including Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all) in true light. While others have digressed and started worshipping prophets, Muslims still worship the one Almighty and revere all prophets. May Allah guide you n bless you. 💐🤲

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