How the Christians strayed:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said,

“Do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians have exaggerated the praise of Jesus son of Mary, for I am only a servant, so say, ‘He is the servant of Allah and His Messenger.’” (Al-Bukhārī, no. 3445)

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    • I dont think this glorification of Ali (رضي الله عنه) to this extreme are common for all strand of shiism, do you think?

      • Actually it’s very common among Rafidhah, but because muslims don’t imagine that a muslim would say such Kufr, they think it’s not common or it’s just saying of the Shia’s opponents while the fact it’s very common belief among Shia unfortunately.
        لكافي – الشيخ الكليني – ج 1 – ص 219
        2 – عدة من أصحابنا ، عن أحمد بن محمد ، عن الحسين بن سعيد ، عن النضر بن سويد ، عن يحيى الحلبي ، عن عبد الحميد الطائي ، عن يعقوب بن شعيب قال : سألت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام عن قول الله عز وجل : ” اعملوا فسيرى الله عملكم ورسوله والمؤمنون ” قال : هم الأئمة .
        اعتقاد الشيعة بأن الأعمال تُعرض على الأئمة:
        وكذلك يعتقد الشيعة بأن أعمال العباد تُعرض على الأئمة في كل يومٍ وليلةٍ، كما نقل ذلك إمامهم وحجتهم الكليني في الأصول من الكافي [1/219]: (عن الرضا (ع) أن رجلاً قال له: ادع الله لي، ولأهل بيتي، فقال: أولست أفعل؟ والله، إن أعمالكم لتُعرض علي في كل يومٍ وليلةٍ).

        اعتقاد الشيعة بأن الدنيا والآخرة بيد الإمام:
        وكذلك تعتقد الشيعة أن الدنيا والآخرة، كلها للإمام يتصرف بها كيف يشاء، وقد عقد إمامهم الكليني في كتابه (الكافي) [1/407-410] باباً بعنوان: (باب أن الأرض كلها للإمام) جاء فيه عن أبي بصير عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام قال: (أما علمتَ أن الدنيا والآخرة، للإمام يضعها حيث يشاء ويدفعها إلى من يشاء) انتهى كلامه.

        اعتقاد الشيعة بأن الرب هو الإمام:
        حيث تعتقد الشيعة بأن الرب هو الإمام الذي يسكن الأرض، كما جاء في كتابهم (مرآة الأنوار ومشكاة الأسرار) [ صفحة 59] أن علياً – كما يفترون عليه – قال: (أنا رب الأرض الذي يسكن الأرض به)، وكقول إمامهم العياشي في تفسيره [2/353] لقول الله تعالى: (ولا يشرك بعبادة ربه أحدا): قال العياشي: (يعني التسليم لعلي رضي الله عنه، ولا يشرك معه في الخلافة من ليس له ذلك، ولا هو من أهله)

        For those who don’t read Arabic (3:10′)

      • @ Abdullah1234

        To be fair not all Shia are Rafidah.

    • Yet when we point to this fact, they just start crying saying you’re”wahhabi takfiri” !
      BTW, what he said is a doctrine in his religion which is called (Welayaih Takwiniah) meaning that Allah sw gave Ali the authority to do whatever he wants!

    • Best of three worlds.
      The great thing about Shiism is you get Ali, Shiism and Jesus! The only faith on Earth …

      • Shiism isn’t a person, stupid. Another brilliant gem from the undecided voter!

      • In this case it is a typo. And a response to that brilliant gem
        by your fellow experts.

      • Idiotic, once again you missed the point. the post you linked to refers to TWO HUMAN BEINGS, JESUS AND MUHAMMAD (PBUH&HF)



        Agnostic.. for the love of anything you truly believe in, please leave this blog and go focus on GOT Season 8.

      • “In this case it is a typo. And a response to that brilliant gem
        by your fellow experts.”

        Sure, sure. It was a “typo”. Uh huh…Somehow “shiism” managed to slip in to your thoughts while you were writing this “gem”. 😉

        And yes, I already knew what you were “trying” to respond to, but you failed anyway.

        Finally, as Stew already pointed out, Sunni Muslims don’t reject Ali (may Allah be pleased with him). We respect and love him as a loyal companion of Muhammad (pbuh) and the 4th righteous caliph. So indeed, it is Sunni Islam that gives you the best of all worlds, without the extremes of either. No man-worship, no excessive adoration. Just pure monotheism.

  1. @ QB

    Or how about the fact that his “gem of a post” didn’t take into account Muslims also don’t reject Ali(ra) and believe is one of the greatest Caliphs of all time?

    • How about being consistent for a change. Any likewise comments on this “gem of a post”?

    • @ Agnostic

      1. You said best of 3 worlds and listed Ali(ra), Shiisim and Jesus(as) who was the 3rd person in this typo?

      2. Paul Williams is not an expert he is a regular Muslim doing his best to spread the truth to others.

      3. If I wanted to be argumentative I could say his post his wrong if you say maybe something like the Bahai or Ahmadiyya but since they ignore clear cut commands and aren’t Muslim they don’t have Jesus (as) or Muhammad(saw).

  2. Ali Hassan

    As a Shia Muslim myself, how you described Imam Ali (AS) is extremist. Imam Ali was a 100% obedient servant of Allah. If he performed any sort of karamah , it is only by the permission of Allah SWT. Allah gives life and death.

    Don’t go into extremes that even the closest companions of our Imams would not even dare say about Imam Ali (AS)

  3. @ Iranian Shia

    Even more embarrassing to miss twice lol. Here’s the documentary from Ahlul Bayt TV (@ 2:52 he says Fatima (as) was born from the realm of light which is Gnostic)

    Then could you explain the song, and prayers etc? Sorry about that.

    • @ ANY Shia

      Do any of you guys want to explain in these videos? I tried to get neutral sources so that one can’t say “Wahabbi propaganda”.

      @ QB and Paul

      Yep, Christianity 2.0

      • Brother Stewjo, Salaam

        Sorry for the delay.. I have been busy with Ramadan (and brain dead tired from lack of sleep) as well as busy with work.. give me some time to get the answers for you. I will try to explain some of it this weekend inshaa Allah

  4. @ An Iranian Sia

    Walakum np, I’ve been exhausted myself hang in there.

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