Christian Terrorist Deliberately Drove Into Crowd Believing ‘Some Were Muslim’

Christian terrorist: Isaiah Peoples was on his way to Bible study when he used his car as a weapon to run over a group of people he thought were Muslims.

Peoples, 34, appeared in court Friday after being charged with eight counts of attempted murder.

The Hill reports:

Local authorities said Friday that a California man accused of ramming his car into a group of people earlier this week sought to hit them because he believed they were Muslims.

Sunnyvale police said they found new evidence that Isaiah Peoples, an Iraq War veteran, intentionally hit a group of people, some of whom are South Asian…

Police said Peoples told them he intentionally drove into the group as he was on his way to Bible study.

NBC reports:

An Iraq War veteran deliberately drove into a group of pedestrians because he thought some of the people were Muslim, California authorities said Friday.

Isaiah Joel Peoples, 34, faces eight counts of attempted murder for injuring eight people, including four who remain hospitalized. The most seriously injured is a 13-year-old Sunnyvale girl of South Asian descent who is in a coma with severe brain trauma.

The District Attorney is not officially calling it “hate crime” because the case is still under investigation.

Commenting on the on-going investigation, Sunnyvale police chief Phan Ngo said:

Based on our investigation, new evidence shows that the defendant intentionally targeted victims based on their race and his belief that they were of the Muslim faith.

We understand that you will have many questions based on this announcement. However, we will not be releasing further information for now.

Witnesses at the scene of the crime report that Peoples kept repeating the same phrase over and over again after the attack:

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.

Police said Peoples, described by friends as “a kind-hearted Christian, a churchgoer,” showed no sign of remorse after plowing his car into the group of people he thought were Muslims.

Witness Shantain Vargas said:

He was not remorseful at all. The vibe that I got was that this was a service to God.

People’s brother Joshua said that his brother was very religious, noting:

Sometimes he’d be getting, like, overly religious…


One time, when he was going through his PTSD, they said he was saying, ‘I rebuke you, Satan! Get out of here, Satan!’

Peoples’ family and attorney are arguing that the Christian terrorist suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after returning from Iraq. Peoples’ attorney, Chuck Smith, denied that his client intentionally targeted the victims, saying:

This act was clearly the product of some mental disorder or mental defect.

Note: Blaming mental illness or PTSD for this senseless act of terrorism is terribly unfair to those countless people who suffer from mental illness and/or PTSD on a daily basis without resorting to violence or acts of terrorism.

Finally, it is important to note the mainstream media’s double standard. If Peoples had been a Muslim targeting Christians, it seems quite certain the media would have placed the killer’s religion front and center in the story, and he would have been quickly identified as a “Muslim terrorist.” That’s because a “Muslim terrorist” fits the established media narrative, whereas a “Christian terrorist” does not.

Bottom line: Isaiah Peoples, a devout Christian, used his car as a weapon to intentionally run over a group of people he thought were Muslims, and he praised Jesus after the attack. As such, he was, and is, a Christian terrorist. Full stop.

Christian Terrorist Deliberately Drove Into Crowd Believing 'Some Were Muslim' (Image via Facebook)

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