“The true Right may have more in common with genuine Muslims than with anti-Islamicists.”

In the second part of the series: Islamophobia: Trojan Horse Amidst the Right Kerry Bolton discusses ‘The Myth of the Great Replacement as a Muslim Strategy’ as propagated by the usual right wing Zionist suspects Tommy Robinson et al. He deftly deconstructs this ridiculous myth. Then comes this revelatory bombshell:

The Islamic rejection of ‘progressivism’ aligns with the Right’s ‘revolt against the modern world’, to cite Evola.

This is quite correct in my opinion and Bolton cites approvingly the outspoken American-Muslim Daniel Haqiqatjou as a thinker on the right tracks concerning the deleterious nature of ‘progressivism’.

I highly recommend this groundbreaking trilogy of articles which can be read here

Kudos to Artkos for publishing this series of articles.


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  1. Thank you for your positive comments. My book Zionism, Islam and the West, having recently been translated into Arabic by Dr Mahmoud Braham, was banned from Amazon even prior to the Tarrant attack, yet the books by Robert Spencer et al remain. Given the book was critical of both Islamophoibia and Antisemitism, I assume it was purged because of its critique of Zionism.

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