Paul Williams and Lord Rowan Williams: Who Is Jesus In the Eyes of Muslims and Christians?

This is a dialogue between former Archbishop of Canterbury (head of the Church of England) and myself at Cambridge University.  The Williams with the beard is the former Archbishop, the Williams without a beard is the Muslim. Very confusing..

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  1. there is better audio here

  2. Glad you brought that up. Rowan Williams nuked you on the church fathers.

    • Ah finally! We can put a face to Ken’s innane babble.

      • At least it’s a face that makes more sense than that of shamoun when confronted with irredutable argumentation and who just goes into machinegun mode of irrelevant tangents with his usual holier than thou attitude with a narccisist remark and a statement of delusion of grandure.

        And looking at the emoji above, that’s saying something.

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