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  1. Goes for most antique writings including Quran.

    • And ANOTHA empty statement with 0% evidence and 100% wishful thinking.

      Thx for THA laughs agy.

      • That’s our undecided voter!

      • Unless the Quran is treated like any other antique source – and why should it not? – there will be no progress. And you will be laughing in your fundamentalist corner till the cows come home.

      • Don’t worry about me. I’ll keep laughing at the idiot statements of atheists always acting intellegent while they are the idiots of the earth. Most of their ‘work’ is pure speculation and wishful thinking and absurd reasoning like trying to link together two statements while there is a grand canion gap between them and then acting as if they’re all intellegent. You know the world is screwed when atheists think themselves to be the most intellegent.
        You were challenged to prove your trash staments like your alexander the great statement but you have given NOTHING. A link to a video of an idiot who does nothing but speculate from beginning to end. And you call that advancement? Save me your nonsense.
        No one here cares about your wishful thinking. Start PROVING things, would be nice for a change instead of your cheap one liners.

  2. Good book on the Gospels by Peter J. Williams. they are trustworthy.


    • No scholar I have ever read thinks that the words attributed to Jesus in the Fourth Gospel were actually spoken verbatim by Jesus.

      As to the gospels being historically trustworthy, there are too many contractions and discrepancies for that to be true.

      Remember, they are just the works of men, and do not claim to be inspired by God or Revelation.

  3. @ Atlas

    Yeah, that’s Agnostic in a nutshell. I was done having any conversation with him after we discussed fiqh and Shariah and he just kept going on emotional tangents. I mean how do you discuss anything with this:


    I find it really weird that atheists and agnostics are considered by most people to be logical. Most of their points and views fall into:

    1. My grandma died this one time and she was a good person blah, blah, blah, therefore, there is no God.
    2. I’m going to make huge logical leaps to try and disguise how emotional I am because I don’t want to have to humble myself to Allah.

  4. Even Sheikh Timothy Winter admits: “If you want to understand the origins of the Jesus narrative (in the Quran that is) you have to look at apocryphal Christian stories.”


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