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  1. Thanks for this article.

    Very tragic of what happened to such a large number of people in Sri Lanka all of them innocent.

    In order to present true information to non-Muslims, Muslim individuals and Muslim organizations have a responsibility that they are not doing.

    That is to point out that virtually all terrorist attacks by those who claim to be Muslims is by terrorists who claim to be terrorists.

    Probably 99% of terrorism (other than times when a Muslim nation is invaded and occupied) are by organizations that explicitly and proudly identify themselves as Salafi.

    And it is very likely that 100% of the remaining 1% are greatly salafized even if they don’t identify themselves explicitly as Salafis.

    So virtually 100% of the terrorism are due in some way to those who are associated with salafism.

    We must never say this if we don’t have the time to emphasize that the vast, vast majority of Salafi Muslims are completely peaceful and are completely against violence. And also to point out that the vast, vast majority of Salafi scholars are strong in their denunciation of terrorism.

    Having said that sadly a very, very tiny percentage of Salafi Muslims are in terrorist organizations.

    Muslims worldwide have been suffering in numerous ways because of the actions of these terrorist organizations for multiple decades now.

    My heart goes out to the huge numbers of innocent people, mostly Muslims, but at times non-Muslims as in Sri Lanka who have been murdered by a small number of terrorist organizations.

    But in addition to the direct killings of the terrorists, Muslims worldwide suffer from the Islamophobia that it generates all over the world and that is not just discrimination but also Muslims suffer from severe persecution on almost unbelievable massive scale…think about the 2 million Muslims in China now in concentration camps or the persecution of Muslims in India or the genocide against the Rohingya Muslims.

    Muslims in western countries are also suffering because of actions of terrorists and again these terrorists virtually all identify themselves as salafis.

    For how many more days and nights should Muslims worldwide suffer due to this terrorist organizations?

    I am not against Salafi Muslims….they bring much needed wisdom and religious warnings to Muslims are shirk like practices that are sometimes in Muslim societies like praying at graves, etc.

    But there is this problem of extremism and intolerance in a lot of Salafi propaganda and rarely as Sri Lanka shows violent extremism as well.

    Again, this is very, very rarely in terms of percentage of Salafis but still much too often.

    If the non-Muslim are educated and informed that virtually 100% terrorism among those who call themselves Muslims are from people who identify themselves as terrorism, then the news articles can be more precise that the terrorism act was claimed by an “Militant Extremist Salafist” organization instead of the usual language of “Islamic Extremism”

    I don’t want any Salafi individual to suffer the backlash in anyway since almost all of them are peaceful.
    May Allah protect the Salafis Muslims, the non-Salafi Muslims, and all non-Muslims from any discrimination and persecution whatsoever.

    But the more precision will put pressure on this community of Muslims to be more successful in their war of words against such evil terrorist organizations. And also it may make Salafi Muslims reflect more on any narrow mindedness or any mindsets in Salafism or Salafi texts that may contribute in leading a very tiny percentage of Salafis to commit such horrific acts.

    I don’t want my dear Salafi Muslim brothers to misunderstand. I love them and I think they bring much needed aspects to the Islamic discussion even if I don’t agree with all the aspects they bring.

    We need to be more specific in identifying how the groups themselves identify themselves as.

    Again, how many more days and nights should the 1.7 billion Muslim men, women, and children suffer the backlash for ignorance of this indisputable truth?

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