Have you noticed that in the Apostles’ Creed only the Father is called God?

The Apostles’ Creed says nothing explicitly about the divinity of either Jesus or the Holy Spirit. Today historians consider it to be a 2nd century work – so it was not authored by any of the disciples of Jesus. The theology it contains is free of later Trinitarian ideas of ‘God the Son’ and ‘God the Holy Spirit’. Only ‘the Father’ is clearly God.  Christian ideas about God evolved over time.


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  1. If its a unitarian creed let them keep it. They are welcome to it.
    The way the commas are placed it is not so clear to me that the Father is God to the exclusion of the Son and the Holy Spirit.
    If the words “I believe….” denote the persons of the Godhead then it is still a trinitarian creed.

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