I’ve been banned from twitter for 7 days..

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Imam Mohamad Tawhidi was discussing the New Zealand terrorist attacks that killed 50 Muslims. I tweeted him my view that the terrorist would be executed in Islam – which is factually accurate and something I would see as a just punishment.

Twitter obviously disagrees.

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  1. A friend suggested Twitter misunderstood my tweet. They thought I was saying Tawhidi would be executed in Islam. I have appealed against the ban saying:

    ‘I do not believe my account violated your rules. You read the tweet in isolation. You misunderstood me. I was not saying ‘@imamforpeace he would be executed in Islam.’ Tawhidi was discussing the terrorist attacks in New Zealand with 50 Muslims murdered. I pointed out (rightly) that the terrorist would be executed in Islam. There is nothing abusive in saying that!’

  2. Someone sent me this message:

    I asked and here’s the answer:

    You shouldn’t say “execute”; Twitter will see that as incitement to violence.

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