This is truly shocking. Yusuf Estes claims the Roman Catholic Church was founded by Alexander the Great in 300BC!

Educated Christians will doubtless think that if he is so embarrassingly wrong about their faith how reliable is he about Islam? Yusuf Estes claims he was a Christian pastor before becoming Muslim!

To date this video has received 2,677,695 views.

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  1. There are a number of other totally false claims made in the video. Knowledgeable Christians & Muslims will spot them easily.


    Why aren’t these prominent Muslims speakers educated before being let loose on an unsuspecting public?

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  2. I think what he meant is the paganism which we find in the catholic church was already known and established among Romans, which is true. Why did they make the birth of Jesus on the 25th of Dec?

    May Allah bless that man!


  3. Dear Abdullah

    The Latin Church is not pagan. Misguided yes, schismatic almost certainly. But pagan no. When we were one church we destroyed the houses of pagan demons, toppling their dark idols and bloodstained alters for the glory of God As an Orthodox Christian, I celebrate the birth of Christ on the 7th January, according to the Gregorian calendar.
    Alexander the Great had nothing to do with the dating of Christmas, nor indeed did the Emperor st Constantine, of blessed memory. The fact that there is no evidence, historical or archeological, attesting to Alexander founding a religion called Catholicism in Rome hundreds of years before the birth of Our Lord, could be seen to cast a slight shadow upon the validity of the argument of Mr Estes. Rome did not in fact exist as a city at the time. I pray for this man.
    Finally his statement that all Catholic priests should be celibate is no entirely true, since this applies only to the Roman rite. Coming from an Eastern Catholic background, most of our priests were married with large families. But I thank God in his mercy that I am now of Holy Orthodoxy.

    God love you.


    • It’s very known that paganism has found a good climate in christianity such as Divinization of the human beings, the ransom death and even in the symbols. In fact, the first apologist, Justin the Martyr, in christianity indicated to the similarities between the paganism and his religion! Origen did the same thing. Please don’t tell me that the 25th of Dec has nothing to do with Sol Invictus!


  4. I meant Julian, Terribly sorry


  5. For those interested in how Alexander was turned historically from an ancient pagan ruler into a monotheist champion.


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