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  1. Should such laws even be on the books?

    • before we address that particular question, we need to ascertain by what method we determine what God’s will for humanity is.

      For Muslims, we look first to the Book of God and his final messenger, upon whom be peace.

      How do you ascertain the will of God for mankind?

      • Your question pre-supposes the existence of God, but perhaps more importantly, why, if we *are* to go by God’s will, would we choose Islam? And additionally, which version of Islam, since I imagine we are not expected to pick and choose different elements from different faiths when forming laws which govern everyone.

      • You did not address my question: How do YOU ascertain the will of God for mankind?

      • With all due respect Paul, you answered my question with a question, and a leading question at that, so you can hardly be surprised that i answered with a question of my own! Will you answer my questions if I answer yours, would that be fair?

      • LOLOL as always a troll.

      • Leaving circular reasoning behind, using my head, asking should such laws even be on the books?

    • Welcome to the mocking and insulting section of this blog.


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