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  1. Dr. Shadee Elmasry:

    “…certain industries will never allow someone with the above two positions to rise. Academia and media being the two obvious ones.”

    • Western liberal Academia ALSO gets it wrong on the attempt to divide the historical Jesus from the so called, “theological Christ”. (Jesus of history vs. Christ of faith, etc.)

      The fact that they scorn all of us on those 2 other areas (Darwinian Naturalistic Evolution and homosexual agenda (LGBTQ political agenda) – it is not a “community”, is a political coalition with an agenda; the root of all their evil and worldview is the same root in seeking to divide out the doctrines of the Deity of Christ, eternal Sonship, Trinity, miracle of the resurrection, power of the atonement against sin, etc.) – it all comes from the same root, Paul.

      • Not so. It is easy to demonstrate from a comparison of the gospels how Jesus’ status was progressively elevated over time. he started life as a man, and became, over time, a god.

      • It is a liberal theory based on anti-supernatural bias – their bias was “there is no such thing as miracles or God actually speaking and revealing Himself through prophets and apostles, the books are just man’s musings in their search for God, not inspired and not “God-breathed”. The same presuppositions that undergird Darwinian Naturalistic Evolution and the LGBTQ political agenda.

        You are just using the liberal agenda in German higher criticism since Enlightenment because it sort of fits with an Islamic agenda against the parts of the previous Scriptures that you don’t like.

      • Every word you just wrote is wrong Ken. You are regurgitating fundy crap apologetics.

        I can demonstrate easily how Matthew improved on Mark’s portrait of Jesus, erasing bits that made Jesus look bad and elevating his status. Ditto Luke’s improved version of Jesus. John above all gives a radically different Christology, elevating Jesus to divinity.

        Each gospel photoshops Jesus. You deny all this because you are anti-intellectual and anti-academic.

  2. I am completely comfortable when it comes to the attitude of Islam towards creation and sexuality. I think it’s 100% in line with the fitrah.

    • Ignoring the irrelevance of Jesus being a human to the post.

      I disagree with the premise of the post about “limiting upward mobility”. This seems to me as a defeatist excuse. Easy way is don’t talk aboit unless in certaim settings and usually if you’re making someone money or solving their problems they don’t care what you believe. Of course we dont change the religion but one hasbto know when to properly take a stand.

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