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The Book of Daniel is not actually by prophet Daniel as Old Testament scholars now realise. It’s a made-up story. So as Muslims we cannot rely on it. Christians tend not to know this and assume, wrongly, that it is authentic. Here is a citation from the prestigious Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church: 

The traditional belief that the Book was written in the 6th century BC by Daniel, one of the Jewish exiles in Babylon, is now almost universally regarded as untenable. A number of historical errors make it next to impossible to believe that it dates from the period of the Exile, and a much later date is borne out also by its doctrinal standpoint, by its position in the canon of Scripture, and by its language (the section 2: 4-7 to 7:18 is written in Aramaic, not Hebrew, and even Greek loan-words occur).

The consensus of modern critical opinion is that it was written between 167 and 164 BC.


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  1. BTW, that book contains many things against christianity.

  2. Kenny is smashed again!

    Furthermore, many of the “prophecies” in Daniel can be reliably placed in the time of Antiochus IV, the Seleucid king who persecuted the Jews. Ironically, the book ends with the death of Antiochus and the resurrection of the dead (Daniel 12).

    I also demolished Kenny’s attempted explanation of who “Darius the Mede” was. This is another embarrassing error which Christians have been trying to fix for a long time. Kenny appealed to Steven Anderson’s theory that “Darius the Mede” was “Cyaxares II”. I showed why this is untenable, and even if it was true, it still creates a contradiction between Daniel and the ONLY source to even mention “Cyaxares II” by name, which is Xenophon’s “Cyropaedia”.

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