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  1. Im not surprised brother, you and other good native european converts who I knew personally who has done a great service for propagating Islam are those who Islamophobes fear most…because through them is the natural bridge getting more westerners to the true and pure teaching of God ie. Islam.

    May Allah jalla wa ‘ala protects you other brothers always..

  2. Another sign of lunacy considering it is often these very same people who have most betrayed these traditional values they claim to defend whereas its the Muslims and traditionalists who often are the ones calling for a defence of tradition in opposition to extremists who are the real “reformers”.

    These folks can’t even define exactly what traditional values or cultures consist of, murdering innocents in a place of worship certainly isn’t one of them!

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    This deluded psychopath’s so-called ‘manifesto’ succinctly exposes the epic hypocrisy, double-standards and brainwash at play and infecting society. Islamophobia is the virus, free choice, the cure. The core of democracy is individual freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Yet, followers of Islam [not Islamism – another Western construct for illegal regime-change] the Muslims, as a demographic practice these universal values more openly.wherever they live.
    2,891 Murdoch Media Stories Trashing Islam In A Single Year, Study Reveals – https://go.shr.lc/2F7QtS3

  4. Please do not spread this filth. That is what they want after all.

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