Islamophobia cause and effect (Christchurch) – Speakers’ Corner

A few people got rather upset when I condemned certain Christians at Speakers’ Corner for their crocodile tears about the terrorist victims. Here is a video showing the hatred they (especially DCCI Ministries) spread day by day, along with atheist Steve and others..

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  1. The video maker states:

    Viewer discretion advised. No violence is shown in this video, however the audio from the right wing extremist terrorist attack on a mosque in New Zealand is played in the background. Various individuals from Speaker’s Corner are shown in this video. I am not making the allegation that they have inspired violence, but i’m making the point that irresponsible talk like hate speech and fear mongering has consequences.

  2. Youtube have taken this video down.

  3. I agree and understand that Christian hate preachers contribute to increase islamophobia day by day. What I do not understand that top hater Sam Shamoun gets a platform here and his crocodile tears are liked.

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