‘Why the West is better off with Muslims’

This white guy is no lefty liberal or SJW. He is a hardcore right wing patriot. His analysis of what is causing the decline of the West is spot on. He gets it. Though he is no Muslim he understands that there are many things that Westerners can learn from Muslims. For me this is the most significant video on Islam I have ever seen by a non Muslim.

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  1. Todays Muslims themselves need to continue to respect all the values of Islam. Whilst most white westerners are becoming atheists and practice nihilism and materialism etc unfortunately some Muslims who may call themselves Muslims are also following many of the traits found within the materialist and so-called secular ways.
    With the additional pressure from the western establishment to push Muslims into “incorporating” the modern western ways, things are more likely to decline for the Muslims too.

    What this guy said in the video holds a lot of truth and there is alhamdulillah still family values and spirituality in Muslim communities but Muslims will need to be more truly Islamic to bring others into their circle. The isolation needs to stop and we need to welcome the “others” as members of our family.

    As one Ummah, we can all learn from each other. Currently I think Muslims also can learn good from non-Muslims and vice versa as long as religion and spirituality is preserved. Allahualam.

  2. Sounds like Thomas has been reading Julius Evola. Excellent video. Good to see a guy on the Right thinking outside the box.

  3. I dont want to be ruled by those who call me a blasphemer and a polytheist.

    The secularists, for all their faults, haven’t done that yet.

  4. I don’t want to be ruled by those who demonize and curse me either.

    • That’s what you people do to Muslims 24/7 with your false flag attacks. No one demonizes the Muslims like you do and no other people are more demonized like Muslims.

      • Not from our scriptures like yours do.

      • Lol!
        Of course, we aren’t explicitly mentioned in your book and accused of things since we come AFTER your faith.
        The Jews can easily claim the same thing about you christians and you would try and justify it by saying that all the things said about the jews in the NT is right.
        Double standards as usual.

  5. But we already have what the guy is calling for in conservative Bible believing Christians. (not talking about other conservatives politically who are not Christians, but real Christians – they bring family values, spirituality, morality, Monotheism, respect and balance to society)

    Unfortunately, secularists and skeptics and atheists etc are more dominant today, as he points out. But that started in the 60s and earlier when people started rejecting Christianity and their church upbringing.

  6. A Christian priest friend of mine emailed me these comments on the video. I post them here with his permission:

    Yes, Interesting. In the past I have sometimes voiced opinions not too dissimilar from this guy’s…Although I must say he strikes me as a bit simple-minded…

    He seems to paint all Muslims over with the same brush but Muslim communities differ. Say, in Italy for example there are lots of Albanians and Albanians are not very observant in the Islamic sense. They may be more family orientated but that is not exclusive to Muslims. Italy has plenty of Filipino immigrants and they are family-orientated by they are Catholics.
    Kurds too are technically Muslims but national concerns take precedence over religion with them.
    Turks too, although many Turkish immigrants in Europe are from rural background and hence more religious, many other Turks are secular, super-secular actually!

    Second, in my experience many Muslims who arrive in the West are very keen on ‘integrating’ themselves. Many put their religion in the background. In reality, they embrace secularism. They ‘privatise’ their religion and its ethics. Because of the perks and advantages offered to them. Example abounds: Sajjid Javid, Sadik Khan. plenty of media Muslims, you name them. So the point is that many Muslims adapt themselves to Western secularism quite willingly. That should be a concern for faithful Muslims, I think. To what extent does the West gradually corrupt Muslim youth into accepting non-Muslim norms?

    Third, the chap distinguishes simplistically between ‘whites’ and Muslims. But Muslims come in many shades of skin-colour and ‘Muslim’ is a religious term, nor racial or ethic. Bosnians, Turks, even many Arabs are whiter than many Englishmen these days. And many Westerners today are not white. They descend fro other races. I think this opposition between whites and Muslims is problematical, as well as conceptually incorrect.

    I could carry on but…Must go and have lunch!

    Fr Frank

  7. Just reading a few of the comments here reinforces Why the West is better off with Muslims.

    • Ask religious minorities in places like Pakistan first what their opinion is.

      • Thanks for being my assistant.

      • Anyway Erasmus if anyone should be judging Pakistan it should be those like myself. I am not Pakistani by origin regardless my background would know first hand about Pakistan.
        And who the schmuck are you to get involved in regions you know nothing about?
        People like you hear far right drivel and try to base it as “facts”. Mind your own business and fix your own backyard. And don’t be a waste of space on my thread. Worst of all, stop being a troll otherwise get lost.

  8. “The Jews can easily claim the same thing about you christians and you would try and justify it by saying that all the things said about the jews in the NT is right.”

    The Jews were the church at first. And there are Messianic Jews now.

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