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  1. Proof? Amazing

  2. In addition to the prophecy about Arabs competing in the construction of tall buildings, another prophecy which I find quite amazing is actually one that has not yet come true but is impressive nonetheless because it demonstrates knowledge of Arabia’s past rather than its future, which has only recently come to light. Here is the prophecy:

    “The Hour will not come till…the land of the Arabs will return to be meadows and rivers.”

    It turns out that Muhammad (peace be upon him), a 7th-century Arab merchant who had no business knowing the geographical history of Arabia, was correct and preempted the scientific confirmation of Arabia’s pre-desert conditions by 1400 years. Saudi Arabia has been drawing water from below the desert sands to create agricultural fields. But where did this water come from? According to NASA:

    “The green fields that dot the desert draw on water that in part was trapped during the last Ice Age. In addition to rainwater that fell over several hundred thousand years, this fossil water filled aquifers that are now buried deep under the desert’s shifting sands.”[24]

    In addition, an article from the University of Oxford reported in 2012 the following:

    “Satellite images have revealed that a network of ancient rivers once coursed their way through the sand of the Arabian Desert, leading scientists to believe that the region experienced wetter periods in the past.”[25]

    Finally, according to an article by Patricia Groves of the “Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey”:

    “The picture that emerges of life six to eight million years ago in the late Miocene period is of a thickly vegetated land, abounding in wildlife, not unlike present day East Africa. There was evidence of wide rivers flowing through what must have been well-wooded savannah plains.”[26]

    She also describes:

    “…a time in the history of the Arabian peninsula only seven thousand years ago during the Arabian Neolithic period when the inhabitants were not just hunting and fishing, but also herding domesticated animals, including goats and sheep. The evidence allowed a remarkable glimpse into this pastoral community, showing that a broad economic base supported what appears to be a relatively comfortable lifestyle.”


  3. There is also hadith of the thigh talking when someone leaves home in latter days….sounds like beeper and phone.

    And of lies being spread within an instant around the world…sound like internet.

    And of the shoe talking shown here…


    and many more prophetic hadiths

    Allah knows best

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