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  1. Are the police aware of his allegiances?


  2. These daesh recruiters are getting a bit desperate now for wanting to add Uncle Jamal in their ranks.
    Love or hate Uncle Jamal (I know that this is not his real name), someone should advise him not to be conned by these criminals as he does not belong and should not be a part of a takfiri terror-endorsing group.
    I must confess sometimes it is entertaining at SC with Uncle Jamal such as when he shouts
    “You Liar You Donkey!” among other phrases.
    Uncle Jamal should stick to being Uncle Jamal.

    #SaveUncleJamal #SCMascot

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  3. When was this though and are you sure Uncle Jamal knows who these people are? I assume this was around 2012 maybe from what the subject of the video is? I would say that he most probably heard the subject and gathered around not knowing who the group is.

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