Unpopular opinion: this hadith is not just speaking about patriarchy, but hierarchy too. ‘Islamic feminism’ and egalitarianism are un-Islamic

Our Prophet ﷺ said:

‘Indeed, each of you is a shepherd, and each of you is responsible for their flock. The ruler is a shepherd over the people, and is responsible for his subjects. A man is a shepherd over his family, and is responsible for them. A woman is a shepherd over the husband’s home and children, and is responsible for them.’


Al-Bukhari. no.6719; Muslim, no.1829.

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  1. Going to take another “unpopular” opinion here. These ahadith are relative.

    Regarding feminism and egalitarianism that depends as well. I always ask if I’m discussing these issues for the side to explain what is meant when they say feminism for example because sometimes these are just “buzz words” people say that varies in degrees (you can add freedom of speech into this as well). If a Muslim woman means in the context of not being sexually harassed and earning equal wages for the same amount and quality of work produced, etc. then yes in this case “feminism” is Islamic (as we uphold social justice and fight oppression in ALL it’s forms). If they mean this in the extreme capacity than of course, this is incorrect as well.

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