Big theology news: Pope Francis agrees that various world religions were ‘willed’ by God

He is wrong of course. But on the plus side it shows that theology can make news every now and then.

Just simple common sense tells us the world’s religions can’t all be true. You can probably guess which faiths I’m referencing here:

Some are monotheist; some polytheistic.

Some claim God can only forgive sins by having his son horribly tortured to death; others say God is merciful and forgiving.

Some teach universalism (that all mankind will ultimately be saved); others teach that only the righteous/believers will go to paradise.

These religions cannot all be willed by God as they are mutually contradictory in fundamental respects. God is not the author of confusion.


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  1. I’m not sure if Catholicism is similar to Islam on this point but it could be that he probably means by “God willed it” that everything happens with God’s will. Meaning not that God wanted people to follow the different world religions but He willed it to happen.

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