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  2. The intergalactic dictator Xenu is not a reality to be explained; he is the explanation of reality.

    • God is not ‘intergalactic’. He is the creatio continua of all things.

      • I think you get the point. In any case, God doesn’t really explain anything at all, it’s just some nothing explanation that is pigeonholed into any area where our empirical knowledge is lacking.

      • I don’t think you get MY point.

      • No I think I do. If you want to state that God (your particular God) is the explanation of everything, you need to show why this is the case; the burden of proof is on you. Just like the burden of proof is on a Mormon or a scientologist.

      • because the existence of existence cannot be its own explanation. Simple.

      • Or we could say that we have no reason to speculate why anything exists at all. Just because you can ask the question – ‘why is there anything?’ – it does not follow that you can demand an answer to that question.

      • humans naturally ask why questions. Your attitude is unscientific, unphilosophical and contrary to human nature. The answer is obvious: we live sub specie aeternitatis.

      • There is nothing unscientific or unphilosophical about my point. I could also ask what the colour of envy is, or what the electric charge of Mozart’s symphony no.40 is, but there would be no point because, although these questions are grammatically sound, they demand logically incoherent answers. The universe exists because the laws allow it to. There is a perfectly reasonable answer and I do not have to invent any mythical beings.

      • ‘The universe exists because the laws allow it to.’ Where do these laws come from?

      • As an atheist I can simply say that it’s a mystery, but, in my opinion, the universe has always existed.

      • ‘the universe has always existed.’ – really?according to science it came into existence at the big bang. It had a definite beginning.

      • The big bang does not mean an absolute beginning. We have models of the universe that are eternal, but we don’t have the empirical data to say whether they are true or not.

      • indeed. The only evidence we actually have is that the universe had a beginning. God created the heavens and the earth.

      • Sorry that is scientifically false.

      • God is not creatio continua. “Creatio continua” is claimed to be an act of God.

  3. The New Atheist’s point is that “God” is no longer necessary for explanation.

    • new? So how do they explain the existence of existence? Or do they just run away from this question.

      • I don’t think in 2019 science or philosophy is running from questions. In my view it is commonly religious fundamentalists who do the running from certain questions or keep their heads buried in sand.

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