This British Lady (Tommy Robinson Supporter) was asked why she hates Muslims and…well, just watch

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  1. The ease with which otherwise decent people can be brainwashed by fanatics into believing dangerous nonsense is saddening and in my opinion an indictment of the effect that social media/the internet can have on regurgitating information without understanding such as is the case when she mentions child marriage as being a part of Islam where there is no such teaching.

    What’s worse is that people from other faiths are accepting this kind of ‘reasoning’ when attacking Islam, do they not realize that these same folks will come for you as well? They paint this as a sole vendetta against radicalism whereas in truth all it is is the same old script, attack and vilify those who are different as a scapegoat for the real problems in society which are more often than not to do with the incompetence/corruption of government bodies.

    Don’t fall for it. Read. Reflect. Learn.

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