The evil fruits of democracy which the West wants to force on the rest of the globe!

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God said in the Holy Qur’an:

We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.

Surah Al-Ma’idah [5:32]


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  1. why do so many American Muslims join with the homosexual and abortion party, then?

    The Democrats (marxists, socialists, pagans, atheists, pornographers, Darwinian Evolutionists, lapsed Roman Catholics, abortionists, and homosexuals and trans-genders)

    • Those Muslim have betrayed their pro-life faith in order to belong to the secular mainstream.

    • It might have something to do with the fact that the alternative is the rabid, poisonous Republican party which hates Muslims. Why the hell would they join with the same party which currently supports snakes like Trump? The majority of Republican politicians have alienated Muslims from their base because they want to please their main racist, Islamophobic voting base.

      The other problem is that the Republicans are anti-immigrant and anti-minority.

      • No, not really, because the Muslims have been joining with the homosexuals and abortionists for decades! Trump is a hiccup and an anomaly – his winning was a reaction by poor people who were cheated by the Democrat party polities for decades. Republicans are not anti-immigrant, only anti ILLEGAL immigrants who cheat and take advantage of gracious laws. Republicans are not anti-minority. It was the party of Lincoln (Republican that did the most to free the slaves; while the Democrat party had the KKK and Jim Crow laws, etc. ) So, you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Wow, Kenny’s ignorance is overwhelming. Trump is a “hiccup and an anomaly”? That’s a good one! Every election, the Republicans jostle for votes by competing with each other to demonize Muslims and immigrants. The bottomline is that Muslims have pick their poison. Either you pick the Democrats who are inclusive of everyone and everything, including homosexuality, or you pick the Republicans who hate everyone who is not either white and/or Christian.

        And yes, they are anti-immigrant. They are white supremacists who don’t want non-whites becoming more numerous than them.

        You are an idiot, you lying sack of crap. You make the same excuses that Fox News makes. 😂

    • Why are you equating things like homosexuality with abortion Ken? Assuming anyone is brave enough to let my comment stand (I am *not* optimistic, but I would be happy to be proved wrong), the two are clearly not one and the same, yet get equated with one another (alongside other things) all the time. One issue is not the same as the other and being regularly dishonest about it is hardly what should be expected from people who talk of spiritual enlightenment and holiness.

      On the ‘evils’ of Democrats – I imagine the behaviour of Republicans, who lock up children in cages whilst denying them medication, who casually treat women like a sub-human species, and whose policies on gun control permit the deaths of thousands upon thousands every year, are virtuous, just because they are anti-gay?

      • I did not “equate” homosexuality with abortion, rather they are both the main evil agendas of liberal / Democrat politics in the USA. (along with Socialism and Marxism) Abortion is murder and the whole “gay agenda” (homosexuality, so called same sex marriage, allowing Sodomites to adopt children, along with the whole transgender political movement and activism and forcing the rest of us to use their own prefered pronouns, etc. and hormone blockers for children, mutilating the body and changing one’s biological sex – all of these things are part of the culture of death of the left. All the homosexual and transgender sins and political activism are rebellion against God and the way God created us. They are all destructive to society and culture and civilization. They have no right to marry, because it is not marriage. case closed and full stop.

        The examples you give of what you perceive that “Republican do” (“the behavior of Republicans”) is your own imagination and bias from a few anecdotes and lots of bias in news reporting. If people would obey the law and not try to illegally enter the USA, then those few examples of tragedies happening would not have happened. (and examples of that took place under the Obama administrattion also, the Leftist media just did not report it.)

        “who casually treat women like a sub-human species”
        there are sins of that type in both camps, Republicans and Democrats, but most of the most notorious ones that have been proven are by left wing powerful people in Hollywood and Media types – the whole “MeToo” movement – most examples are of liberal hollywood types and liberal left wingers. Both are wrong, but that is NOT a political agenda to force that behavior on the rest of us; unlike the homosexual agenda that seeks to force us to have to accept their nasty lifestyle and so called “marriages”, etc.

        “Gun control” issues – certainly I would agree that there needs to be more done to prevent mentally ill people from getting guns, like Adam Lanza, who killed the children at Sandy Hook.

        But, if there is a blanket control/ restriction/ confiscation of all guns from law abiding citizens and so called “safe zones” and “no guns allowed” kinds of policies; all that does is take the defense away from good law abiding citizens and allow the evil people, who are going to get the guns anyway and they don’t care if they are illegal and they will be the ones who will reek even more havoc on society. (For example, Like all the gang related deaths, etc, in Chicago, which mostly black people have suffered from, which the media does not report much on, because it does not fit their narrative and agenda.)

        The leftist agenda is the greater death cult on society – abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, marxism, socialism, taking self-defense away from good people, etc.

      • For once I completely agree with Ken

  2. Uhhh… for what it’s worth I hate them both equally?

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