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  1. I predict they will not want to debate me.

    • Hi, Mr Paul Williams, I can organise a debate for you with a christians apologetics. He has thousands of followers. And thousands will watch the debate if you agree. Please let me know if your up to the challenge. Thank you.

      • Are they part of DCCI? Why is he anonymous?

      • No sir, he is not a member of DCCI ministries. He goes by the name Christian Prince. He will debate any muslim. You will have an opening statement. After that a cross examination. Where you can questions each other. Based on your comment you don’t seem like someone who will make excuses not to debate. I can organise it, the next couple of days. And set up the date for this week. Let me know the time and date you are free for the debate. So do you accept the debate challenge?

      • Not interested thank you.

  2. Someone sent me a message on twitter:

    ‘I doubt they will accept. One thing you’ll notice rather frequently about these missionaries is that they rely on shouting down their opponents, thus they thrive in environments where this can happen. A controlled debate is unlikely. Although it would be nice to see.’

  3. Jesus made it very clear that they are hypocrites!

  4. Dr. James White is still waiting.

    • Are you his secretary?

      • Stay quite, after I humiliate you. Paul Williams had to delete my comment and close the comment section. And yet he did not close the comment section when you used vile language. Nor did he delete your comment. Damage control to make you look good. Your a joke. Why the comment section close? why my comment deleted? Yet you and Atlas language were way worst. Don’t waste my time I will embarrass you, you will start to cry and you will have to run to Paul Williams to delete the comment.

      • Are you the secretary of Paul Williams?

      • Yes he is, and he gets paid handsomely for the job.

      • HAHAHAHA, just like a typical crosstian zombie! “Stay quite [sic], while I humiliate you”…blah, blah, blah…

        Hmm, but still no response to Matthew 4:8. What scares you so much that you continue to evade my challenge? This is the typical Christian bluster. You guys are high on bluster but short on substance. That’s why no one takes you jokers seriously.

        I am challenging you again. Matthew 4:8 alludes to a flat earth. How do you respond? You can come on my blog and nothing will be blocked or deleted (so long as you remain on topic): https://quranandbibleblog.wordpress.com/2019/01/14/the-flat-earth-controversy-analyzing-the-quran-and-the-bible/

        And by the way, brother Paul closed the comments because one of your vile brethren resorted to spamming. I see you have nothing to say about that. Christian hypocrisy rears its ugly head once again!

      • hatchet man

      • So how about it Emma?

      • Stop begging people to visit your pathetic blog. You can’t even afford a proper web designer. Not even afford a domain name. Even your blog is an indication you’re a low life internet troll LMAO.

      • So you’re scared. It’s okay. I understand. You have to come up with excuses for your cowardice. You know, I never realized that pigs were such cowards. You learn something new everyday! 😉

    • Mr. Paul Williams confirmed he is no match for Sam Shamoun. And in the comment above, refuse to debate Christian Prince. Muslims will run away from some apologists. They don’t debate the best, they will choose others who they think they have a chance. And their followers don’t see those tactics. May God open their eyes, to see the deception. It’s very common practice among Muslims apologists.

      • Hey the secretary is back! LOL!! “The best”? Really? But then you run away yourself when challenged. We know why of course. Brainless zombies who cannot think for themselves will run from such challenges. Matthew 4:8 anyone? 😉

        Who wants to debate pseudoscholars and loudmouths? Brother Paul doesn’t need to waste his time debating a pseudoscholar like Christian princess. Isn’t that the same loser who claimed that Muslims can have sex with animals?

      • True, I always run away. Thank goodness that Emma is here to expose my cowardice.

      • Thank you for the recent promotion, Mr. Williams!

  5. Maybe you can get me a job as a secretary? You know anyone seeking one? Any of your bosses and masters? 🤣🤣🤣

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