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Inshallah, I have invited Christian polemicist Sam Shamoun to write an article on BT. As usual it will be open for comments – with one proviso. Any abuse will result in the comment being deleted without warning. This blog aspires to be a forum for serious Christian-Muslim dialogue and discussion. Thank You.



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  1. Interesting!

    Yet you allow other Muslims to comment with lots of name calling and angry comments. (like Faiz and Atlas and some others who really go off on Sam when he comes in and comments)

    Some Christians also resort to name calling and angry comments; and when Sam does it, he is wrong also.

    So this is going to be interesting to see what kind of article you will allow him to write here.

    Why not just copy (and fairly, and in context) get a bunch of his already written articles and interact with them and try to refute them? He has tons out there on 3 or 4 different web-sites. (and videos)

    • Also, why not have a debate with Sam?

      That would be even more interesting !!

      and if both of you debate fairly, and if the debate has the proper format (like the ones that James White does, with rebuttals and cross examination) it would be a great benefit to both sides.

  2. He is free to write what he wants. He suggested writing a piece for BT. For this article there will be no abuse from any side but angry comments are ok with me 🙂 We are human after all..

    • What is the difference between “abuse” and “angry comments” ??

      • Angry comments means you can passionately disagree without resorting to nasty invectives and vile personal shots like quranandbibleblog. He is another vile lowlife thug on the level of Nadir Ahmad, Yusuf Ismail, Osama Abdallah.

        Anyway Ken, I was asked to write something in respect to Ehrman’s comments on 1 John 5:7. Lord willing, I’ll try to finish it for the upcoming week. I’m bust at the moment, helping my childhood best friend mourn the shocking death of his 24 year old nephew this past Friday. Suffice it to say he and his family are devastated. So please do pray for him and his family.

        BTW, the family are strong believers whose faith in Christ is sustaining them through this tragedy.

      • I agree with Sam’s definition

      • LOL, so Shammy is giving us a lecture on how you can “passionately disagree without resorting to nasty invectives and vile personal shots”. WOW!! That’s coming from the one and only Sam Shamoun! Am I the only one who finds this delightfully ironic?

  3. Ok, fair enough; I can agree with all of that also. for me, I was referring to sinful anger, not passionate disagreement.

    I agree that Faiz and those others are bad witnesses for Islam. They need to clean up their behavior.

    I pray for your friend and his family. (even though I don’t their names; God does)

    I have some experience in that; it is a deep pain and mystery. The only hope is God’s sovereign love and wisdom in allowing these kinds of tragedies. (Taught by the truth of the Bible)

    This song helped me through a deep tragedy similar to that:

  4. What’s going on on this blog?
    This man is a filthy man, and his insulting comments towards our beloved prophetﷺ are still shown, yet you invite him, as if he doesn’t have any platform to exercise his filthy job, and instruct muslims to not write abusing comments?

    👎👎👎 for this very bad and irresponsible decision.

    • Lets try the experiment: Let’s see if he can write an article and there be no abusive/filthy comments? Maybe it will go pear shaped. Let’s see..

      • Willams Abdullâh, Atlas and quranandbibleblog are infamous for the filthy venom they spew at Christians. So can you put them on a similar test?

      • No we are infamous for throwing your own venom back at you. You think you can just come in here and say whatever the hell you want, throw out whatever insult you want and then expect not to be put in your place???
        Who the hell do you think you are?

      • I think it’s laughable that Shammy and his little sidekick Kenny are lecturing others on civilized discussions. The hypocrisy is truly hilarious!

        I commend brother Paul for the openness of his blog, but it’s funny how he is also realistic considering who we are dealing with here: “Lets try the experiment: Let’s see if he can write an article and there be no abusive/filthy comments?”



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