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  1. These people encompass the following:

    78:21. Hell lurks in ambush.
    78:22. A resort for the defiant to keep coming back to.
    78:23. Staying in it age after age,
    78:24. they will taste nothing cool within it nor any refreshments,
    78:25. except boiling water and a revolting mixture of foul smelling body fluids.
    78:26. An exact repayment for what they’ve earned.
    78:27. They used to hope for never having to be accountable.
    78:28. They called My revelations and signs lies with such strong denial.
    78:29. I’ve counted and recorded it in a book, keeping it archived and protected,
    78:30. So go ahead and taste this because all that you will get from Me is more punishment!

    In 78:27 God says they hoped to never be brought to account as Nouman explains well @ 58:37

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