December 31, 1384

John Wycliffe, who undertook the first complete translation of the Bible into English and influenced Hus, Luther and Calvin, dies at about 64. He was condemned at the council of Constance (1415), and his body was disinterred and burned.



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  1. To use Ignoramus’ excuse, it happened a long time ago, so it’s okay.

  2. Why was this guy condemned?

    • ‘In the years before his death in 1384 he increasingly argued for Scriptures as the authoritative centre of Christianity, that the claims of the papacy were unhistorical, that monasticism was irredeemably corrupt, and that the moral unworthiness of priests invalidated their office and sacraments.’

    • Because he studied the Scriptures and realized a lot of the Roman Catholic doctrines (like the Papacy and forgiveness through confession to a priest and see below for more) and practices were wrong and spoke out against them and he wanted the English common man to be able to read the Bible in English. His English translation of the Bible was the first, but was forbidden and outlawed. (it was done from Latin; as he did not have access to the Hebrew or Greek originals.)

      Wycliffe also rejected the concept of purgatory, and disapproved of clerical celibacy, pilgrimages, the selling of indulgences and praying to saints.

      He is called the “Morning-Star” of the Protestant Reformation, because he saw the same problems that later Hus (1400s)and Luther (1517) and Calvin and Zwingli did with the man-made unscriptural traditions that the Roman Church had added.

      He was a great man.

  3. It’s 2019. Hope this will be a fruitful year for everyone. Hope the ummah will get stronger in 2019 Inshallah!

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