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  1. Without going off-topic has anyone tried to finally sue this organisation for hijacking the name of a pioneer Abdullah Quilliam? Has there been such a lawsuit or did this organisation somehow bypass their way to hijacking the name?
    I hope I’m not the only one to feel that this modern establishment organisation does not speak for Abdullah Quilliam or the vast majority of British Muslims past and present.

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  2. Its the old Euthyphro dilemma. Are things good because God declared them good or because they are inherent in nature? If God decrees good and that is all there is then it’s arbitrary and can in theory change whenever God wants it to as per the Qur’ans statement:

    “Any revelation We cause to be superseded or forgotten, We replace with something better or similar. Do you [Prophet] not know that God has power over everything?” – Qur’an 2:106

    If it is inherent then there is no need for God. The problem with religion is always how people interpret the sacred texts and how they can be used to justify all manner of barbarities

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