The gospel truth is not what you might think

One of the world’s most distinguished biblical scholars from Oxford University uncovers the realities of the four gospels. Most Christians have no inkling of these historical facts.


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  1. Apologies if I’m repeating of what is already known but I feel most of todays academic scholars of Christianity seem to have understood the gospels better than todays various members of Church. We come across a lot of modern Christians who swear by Johns Gospel and its statements despite the fact that it differs from the synoptics. Do they even challenge the language barriers between the real language spoken by Christ whether it be Aramaic or Hebrew on one hand and the Greek Septuagint on the other? There are so many other challenges they need to make. In regards to John chapter 8, I will reply to these particular Christians
    “Ok fine, the phrase of I AM is what you claim it is but do you even know the author of the whole book to be certain any statement in the book is valid? Yet with 0% knowledge of the author and how this gospel came into being you have 100% certainty to make its content a fundamental part of your doctrine?”
    Even if statements such as John 8:58 are what modern Christians claim they are and let us also say it means what it means, the real question is what is the validity of such statement truly coming from Jesus Christ? Did Jesus Christ (as) really say that?

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