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    • Even if the gentlemen on the right may be a far right supporter, how could anyone not credit this guy for protecting ordinary Muslims and separating them from the extremists he is rightfully questioning and blaming on this video?
      Also this guy on the right and his friend seem too good to be Tommy Ronibson fans. It is very unusual for far-right nationalists to not attack ordinary law-abiding Muslims and to rather focus on the extremists, this is a rarity, otherwise we have far right nationalists being harsh on ordinary Muslims for the actions of a small group of extremists. If I met this gentlemen I would firstly thank him for making the distinction of ordinary majority Muslims away from these minority extremists and I would also aim to convince him to be a better person not to follow Tommy and other far-right nationalists. After all, both and all extremists (religious fanatic or ultra nationalist) prefer us all to be divided.

    • Also I’ve noticed since Bilal came into that horrible circle in the park, Suleyman and few others have upgraded themselves by sometimes denying and hiding their support for Isis, we remember when Suleyman and Abdul Hakeem use to openly support Daesh Al Qaeda etc they no longer do this. It is also disappointing to see a young man like Bilal be radicalised by the fools that destroyed him.

  1. I’m surprised the lens on your camera were not damaged whilst taking a picture of him. How is it this recruiting officer for extremism is not in prison or convicted yet?

    One may disagree with me but I will not give these types any freedom of speech anywhere let alone @ SC.

  2. It is certainly commendable that you are taking a stand against extremists, however, I hope you are doing so in a manner that isn’t putting yourself at risk.

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