President George H.W. Bush has passed away. What is his legacy?

President George H.W. Bush has passed away. On foreign policy he will be remembered as having betrayed the people of Iraq when he left them to be slaughtered by Saddam Hussein after his Administration encouraged the Iraqis to rise up. He left them to be mowed down by Saddam’s aerial bombing. The bitterness is still fresh in the minds of many Iraqis today. The American empire’s disastrous meddling in the Middle East has come at an untold cost to the lives of millions of innocent Muslims.

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  1. Thanks for posting.

    One of the warmongers who gave way to the next bigger warmongers. We cannot forget that one of the legacy of this president was to give way to a junior but a worse Weapon of Mass Destruction.
    With Middle East already going downhill for decades prior, the first Gulf War and its build-up and afternath gave way to the complete global mess that we are still suffering now. Even many of the big and small issues we have to deal with here on blogging theology and elsewhere online and many of the community divisions and the rise of terrorism on both sides of the Atlantic are a result of the actions of this former president along with his steroid junior and all those warmongers who supported them with the blood of innocent millions on their hands while they also made giant profit$$$.

    He is not alone, it will be unfair to single him out but for all those responsible past and present, their legacy is the current and everlasting horror that we still see in the many parts of Middle East and wider world.

    It is sickening to see our establishment and the MSM pandering and giving tributes to warmongers after warmongers like they were a bunch of care bears or something.

    With great power comes great responsibility.

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