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  1. Religion seems to demand respect whereas in my experience, respect must be earned.
    This is especially true for Islam, where anything deemed disrespectful is immediately met with outrage and threats of violence and death.
    The most egregious lie in human history is that this is the “Religion of Peace”. This claim is defended by Muslim scholars using the most ridiculous word play ‘interpreting’ Muhammad’s violent, racist and insulting words and deeds which are plainly obvious in his Quran; which is claimed to be ‘mubeen’ or clear, needing no interpretation.

    I’m confounded by tales of conversion from other religions, or even atheism. Just how supposedly intelligent people can find the example of the perfect man of Islam as peaceful and loving it is impossible for me to understand, as a “najjis kafir” (filthy infidel) !

    Islam is many things but peace love & tolerance are NOT these.

    • How did you come to the conclusion that respect must be earned or demanded? From what basis are you approaching this issue of respect? How do you define what is the right way or wrong way gaining respect or earning or doing anything life in general? Secondly, Islam doesn’t demand respect neither talks about earning it instead, it addresses every situation in its entirety not a general application across the spectrum. Third, talking about violence in Islam etc, illustrates that you have not read the rich and useful knowledge on this blog nor generally world history as you are preoccupied with your preconceived bias, and from the sounds of it, also hate. If you ever decide to, I suggest purchasing books would be good rather than going on internet as it be a better guide for you to do your investigation on who which civilization has committed more acts of violence. Fourthly, several of Western secular historians have labelled the Prophet of Islam as number one personality of all times. Once again, shows that you either have not done your research or you are just stubborn and closed minded. Lastly, I do not understand your issue with the word “Kafir” because if you are not Muslim you are kaffir end of story. Kafir means the one rejects the truth or covers the truth. Same with every other religion if you do not believe in their tenants, you are a kaffir. I am a kaffir myself towards Christianity and other religions and vice versa. If I do not believe in Jesus as my lord and savior, I will go hell according to the religion. But it does not bother me or Muslims because we are firm and secure on our beliefs, so we do not take it as an offense. On the other hand, people who do are either emotional or insecure about their own beliefs. So, the question is are you insecure about your beliefs which makes you sensitive and lash out on others without any knowledge and a structured argument??

      As for “Najis” I am not sure who said that but of course there are people who go slightly overboard. I can agree with you, but again have to look at the context which they said and who said it and the situation they said in relation to.

  2. Part of the problem is the Abrahamic religion’s placement of revealed truth i.e. scripture as superior to reason and logic. Reason and logic are not perfect ways of exploring the divine but revealed truth almost always comes up short when it is taken as the final word on all issues. By its nature, revelation creates an inability to use our minds to interpret the meaning of scripture and replaces that with a literal interpretation.

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