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  1. Religion seems to demand respect whereas in my experience, respect must be earned.
    This is especially true for Islam, where anything deemed disrespectful is immediately met with outrage and threats of violence and death.
    The most egregious lie in human history is that this is the “Religion of Peace”. This claim is defended by Muslim scholars using the most ridiculous word play ‘interpreting’ Muhammad’s violent, racist and insulting words and deeds which are plainly obvious in his Quran; which is claimed to be ‘mubeen’ or clear, needing no interpretation.

    I’m confounded by tales of conversion from other religions, or even atheism. Just how supposedly intelligent people can find the example of the perfect man of Islam as peaceful and loving it is impossible for me to understand, as a “najjis kafir” (filthy infidel) !

    Islam is many things but peace love & tolerance are NOT these.


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