What is a Secular Muslim?

A Secular Muslim is someone who believes that the Creator was sufficient enough to set highly calculated Mathematical and Physical laws that organize Planets in Orbit but wasn’t sufficient enough to create laws that organizes the human society.





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  1. Ahmmm…. please define ‘sufficient enough’

    • Secular Muslims are happy to believe in a God who is the creator and designer of the exquisitely fine-tuned universe, but run from the idea of the same God giving laws by which to run a just and godly society on earth.

      The point being that it is inconsistent to affirm the former and yet reject the latter.

  2. The problem with being non secular is that there are too many interpretations between the powerful Muslim nations as to which Islam ought to be practiced as well as the political divisions that have destroyed many lives.

    Being a secular anything whether Muslim or Christian seems like the most sensible solution at the moment.

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