What I am currently reading: ‘The New Testament in Muslim Eyes’

The New Testament in Muslim Eyes, Paul’s Letter to the Galatians (Routledge Reading the Bible in Islamic Context Series) Paperback – 11 Jun 2018 by Shabbir Akhtar

Dr Shabbir Akhtar is a philosopher, researcher and writer who now teaches at the University of Oxford. He has previously written learned books on political Islam and Quranic interpretation. Now he offers the interested layman a fascinating Islamic reading of the New Testament letter of St Paul to the Galatians. He demonstrates a thorough familiarity with contemporary New Testament scholarship on Galatians to which he compares (and contrasts) the teaching of the Quran on soteriology, the role of Divine law in society and in the believer’s life and other subjects of interest to Muslim and Christian theology.

Many Muslim writers unfortunately betray a shallow and unnuanced understanding of Christian theology and the Bible. No so Dr Akhtar, who is a reliable and erudite guide through the labyrinthian innovations of Pauline thought. Inshallah at a later date I will write a fuller review of this book.

This is an excellent book which is the third of three masterpieces of Islamic scholarship by Dr Akhtar all in print and available through Amazon:

The Quran and the Secular Mind: A Philosophy of Islam;
Islam as Political Religion;
The New Testament in Muslim Eyes.

They deserve to find a home in any thoughtful Muslim’s library.


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