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  1. This verse is written among many statements about Justice in a hallway at Harvard University – College of Law. It’s filmed by the student Abdullah- Al-Jum’ah.

  2. How important the commands of God. How important this reminder.
    This is clear evidence as an Ayah on speaking out and upholding justice as a religious duty whether it be on a large or smaller scale and whether it be against others or ourselves.
    Unfortunately a number of Muslims have been trying to silence their fellow believers who have spoken out and have set out to uphold justice even against certain Muslims with dangerous and misguided approach.
    It is bad enough for certain fellow Muslims (especially among senior or responsible figures ) to try silence legitimate concerns on the behaviour of certain Muslims and make themselves look biased in the process, but it is worse for ignoring this Ayah a clear and direct command from God.
    Thank you for posting this reminder on the importance of justice.

    • thank you for this reflection. I agree with every word.

    • You have to be biased for your muslim brothers, yet with justice. This verse doesn’t mean you have to break the bond of the brotherhood in Islam. It’s far from that meaning.

      • Far from the meaning? Are you going to be biased on the same side of a suicide bomber or one who supports terrorism claiming to do it in the name of Islam?
        Are you going to punish a dangerous mass murderer of innocent civilians only if they’re an atheist or Hindu but let them off the hook if the same crimes are committed by a Muslim perpetrator? Is that what you’re implying?

      • And also who on earth here claimed “breaking the bond of the brotherhood in Islam’ Who here advocated that? Brother, think before you write and before trying to correct others when there is no correcting required.

        May Allah swt guide us all. Ameen.

  3. السلام عليكم ياخي انت اسطوره والله العظيم .. انا من متابعينك وممن استفادو من مدونتك الثريّة تقبل تحياتي

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