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  1. Paul
    Following our dscussion last Sunday at the Park with James present please address the following:

    Given that many Muslims assert that the origin of the word Allah can only be Jamid not derived from any root word or borrowed from a foreign langauage and Arabised, why do you assert that the word Allah is derived (Mushtaq) from the root word ‘ilah’ meaning god, contracted (eluding the hamza in ilah to produce lah) and compounded with Al (the) to produce the word Allah.

    Allah is thus formulated in the formula:
    Al + (ilah – i = lah) in the form of Al + lah = Allah literal translation is the (Al) god (ilah)… the god?

    The word Allah is one and the same as the term Alilah, though shortened for ease of pronunciation and writting

    Perhaps this is an appropriate post to pose the question for you to answer, we shall see.

  2. If you say you have the Word of God, then, in a word, what is His revealed name?

    What is God’s revealed personal proper name, distinct from His common generic noun descriptive names and attributive titles?

    YHWH, Jesus or Allah,
    prove your assertion and refute the other names as false

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