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  1. Hi Paul my name is Tony. I watch a lot of your videos on YouTube, and really enjoy them very much. You are a very intelligent man thank you for doing Gods work!! May God bless you abundantly. I’m an ex born again Christian that now believes in the Quran. I was wondering if you could help me understand something that is taught in the Quran. If heaven is perfect in every way and sin does not exist there, and angels are perfect and created for one purpose only to do Gods will. And the are not like Gods creation of humans where we are the only creation that has free will. And The Quran teaches that when God created man (Adam) and all the angels bowed to Adam Gods creation of man and Satan refuse to bowe and God cursed Satan and through him out of heaven. I’m having a difficult time understanding that if heaven and angels and everything in heaven is holy and perfect, how was that possible for Satan to rebel against God? That doesn’t make sense to me. Am I missing something? If you could help me with that I would really appreciate it. Thank paul. Hope to hear from you soon.. Tony.

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